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Please PM me if you don't feel comfy posting. I am mainly looking in the Chicago area, and possibly Central Illinois. I'm PO'd at NWMH. I had an interview with them that which I thought was... Read More

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    I have been contacted repeatedly contacted by Provena out of Danville, anyone tell me anything about this facility. I am currently working, and I do NOT plan on giving up my current job. I just want something that I can work at a couple of days a week and no more. I really don't want to do bedside nursing, but feel I don't have an option. Anyway - please please be very candid with me about Provena, I have had nothing but bad luck with jobs lately and don't want to go into something that is not worth my time and I will be miserable at.

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    stay away from community hospital of ottawa, illinois valley community hospital and st mary's hospital in streator. These are very small hospitals and they will promise you the world then when you start work, you work a few days and then get "on calls" for 2 bucks an hour. Very clicky too. Manager at one which I won't mention is awful to work for, has that whiny, run your fingers across a chalkboard sound.
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    Quote from chellebelle
    Hey JRA-
    I'm starting at U of C this summer, too! I'm going to cardiac telemetry. I chose UofC over Rush and Loyola because of the full tuition reimbursement and the request days off. When are you taking boards? I'm not starting until July 24 because I was told I couldn't begin until they had my unofficial results. Have you graduated already? Thanks!

    How is the telemetry at Uof C???

    I may start in telemetry but at a different hospital, and Id like to know how your experience is!

    *or ANYONES experience!*
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    Bumping because I'm also curious. Especially about Provena.:wink2:
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    Also can't stand Provena (Joliet). Wouldn't take my hamster there. EEWWW.

    Silver Cross wasn't bad, but the pay is not so great & the tuition reimbursement is CRAP!

    Loyola... the typical stereotype of nurses eating their young.
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    Hi there,
    I too had a bad experience with the NWMH HR. They told me they had forwarded my resume to the nurse recruiter and would be contacting me to set up an interview in the next week. When a week went by and they hadn't called me, I called them, only to find out that they had taken another look at their staffing and decided that they didn't need to hire any more people, when they thought they had several positions open.
    Its nice to know I'm in the same boat as so many others though.
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    Quote from bbuff
    Bumping because I'm also curious. Especially about Provena.:wink2:
    I happen to L-O-V-E Provena both as a patient and an employee.
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    anyone know anything about christ or hope childrens in oaklawn?
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    Christ Hospital is part of the Advocate System.

    I worked for Rush for over 16 years, till my position was eliminated in a restructuring. Disappointing, but thas stuff happens, and they did treat me well.

    Today I accepted a position at Advocate.

    and was also considering Alexian Brothers

    All are top notch institutions

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