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  1. dnw826

    Assc. Nursing Program in TN!!

    Anyone know anything else about this? I emailed them for more info. Very exciting! I had my CNA but it expired.
  2. dnw826

    Wisconsing tech programs

  3. dnw826

    Wisconsing tech programs

    Hi! Can someone check out my thread here: https://allnurses.com/forums/f125/wisconsin-tech-nursing-program-243998.html I am in Rockford and looking to move up by the state line when we buy a house and looking for an evening/online ADN program.
  4. I just found info on a nursing program (online) offered through Wisconsin Tech and the satellite community colleges. http://www.etechcollege.com/proginfo.php?id=20 The tuition is *really* high ($570/cr hr Out of State), and you have to be able to make it to some labs. But I have baby #4 on the way and we homeschool. With dh teaching, I can get free tuition through his school for their nursing program, but we can't afford the daycare and I can NOT find an evening program for the life of me in Northern IL/Southern WI. Does anyone know of this program, experiences, etc.?
  5. dnw826

    days vs. evenings vs. nights

    When I worked as a tech, there was a *definite* difference in the nurses/techs between shifts. days-The popular ones, lol. They always were really nice, but did have cliques. evenings-Very laid back nights-We were more of the outcasts, lol. A little stranger, but in a good way. Not as many cliques, but a lot more gossip, it seemed.
  6. dnw826

    Aspiring Nurses: Why not Med School??

    I always wanted to go to med school. However, the reality is that doctors really don't have it better than nurses or NPs. I wanted more autonomy and the prestige. But the view of doctors is changing to a lot of people, and pharma and HMOs are in charge anymore, it seems like the doctors less. Add in the cost and inconvenience of med school while having little kids and calculus, and nursing looks better and better. The hours are better, you get more patient interaction...it just depends on what you're in for.
  7. dnw826


    I agree. My ex-MIL had MVP and fibromyalgia. She is in real, true, pain constantly. I have worked with the patients after the pain meds or the hypochondriacs. But I would hate to turn into someone who feels no sympathy and rolls my eyes at people regardless of presentation and situation because of a diagnosis. I have a *long* list of medical history problems. Crazy stuff. I feel incredibly judged when I have to list it off for new docs/nurses because you know that a lot of them are just going "yeah, right!". It is sad that now I suppose even healthcare professionals are so cold about people's ailments. Fibromyalgia is REAL. People suffer. Just because some people will lie or make something up for drugs does not make the suffering of people with Fibromyalgia any less real. That can go for a lot of other issues, too. What a shame!
  8. dnw826


    Interesting. So I am assuming they didn't tell the parents the risk/parents didn't care? Or is it a "My wife has more follicles than your wife" manly thing?
  9. dnw826

    Misleading information

    I resent "dumb little hands". Though I do not think that meds should be the responsibility of CNAs. CNAs often have huge patient loads and tons of other responsibilities thrown on them. It is a huge risk to give more jobs, especially one so scary as medications. I always thought I had it good at $8 an hour for being a CNA. Then I learned in the area we just moved from (SAHM now until I finish my RN) that they made $16 an hour!!!! That speech sounds totally misleading.
  10. dnw826


    I used to work in ART and I totally agree with you. That is a *huge* risk. I can't believe they went through with it. I know the NPs and Docs I worked with highly pushed to have at the very most 3 implanted for IVF and would never have gone through with IUI at that number!!!
  11. dnw826

    Female pt. dies ignored by nursing staff

    Noryn, you are very right. It certainly is not the triage nurse's fault. Though someone should have done something about her passed out on the floor, etc.
  12. dnw826

    Female pt. dies ignored by nursing staff

    This is very, very sad. I think that they were neglegent.
  13. dnw826

    Schools with openings????????

    Lakeview College of Nursing at EIU ALWAYS has openings and they are not strict about when you apply. So long as you apply before the first day of class. It is in Charleston, but main branch is in Danville. I wish I still lived that way. Great program.
  14. dnw826

    Ultrasound vs. Nursing

    I agree. It really pays to get your feet wet in an actual hospital. You get to see so many different facets of the different areas.
  15. dnw826

    Ultrasound vs. Nursing

    It depends on the area, I suppose. I always see ads for ultrasound techs. They get paid *very* well, too. Much higher than starting salary for RNs at my last hospital. I know several who were nurses and then got certified in US to make more money and have more flexible hours. Not to mention that many fields of US (except if you are on call for ER, of course) are much slower paced and laid back.