What's New on allnurses? - page 5

Below is an outline of some of the changes we made as of this date. A new mobile app and mobile style will accompany these changes in the next few weeks. Our goal is to create a unifying experience... Read More

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    It just switched for me. Now Joe V is blue and everyone else is tan/gray.
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    yup, pale blue, very pale, and light gray. IE
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    Based on feedback and our growing mobile usage we made some changes to the Like button.

    * Like button will now be found after post content.
    * Like button is now in text format to make it easier for new members to find.
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    I "like" this.
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    Quote from Joe V
    as stated previously...
    If you have an ad blocker installed on your browser you will not be able to use search. Our search is powered by Google.
    Never adjusted my ad blocker, yet the search bar is finally now visible.

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