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Hello everyone, I will have a year experience in acute care in September which is the minimum requirement for 2 Hospice jobs I have recently applied for here in NC. Does anyone know what the... Read More

  1. by   Nashvillejeanne
    I have worked in hospice for 15 years. On a bad case, there is no amount of money that would be enough, on a good case I would do it for far, the good out number the bad LOL
  2. by   ck637143
    this is a probably an old thread - but for Vitas in San Diego - starting is 38/hr plus milege etc. At another hospice it is $34/hr - Season's Hospice
  3. by   BerryhappyRN
    I live in southwest Florida and make about $45k salary plus mileage, benefits, bonuses etc. I am thinking about going to PRN with the same company and would make $30 per hour plus mileage but no benefits (64 hours per month minimum). Also, we are on the clock 8a-5p M-F, no weekends. Pay is not great, but I love the work and there are lots of opportunities for growth and movement around the company as hospice and palliative care services are growing.
  4. by   BerryhappyRN
    OMG those are crazy numbers!?! Maybe it's because you are in NY. In Florida we make almost half as much but I suspect our cost of living is also about half as much.
  5. by   LeO rN bSn
    I actually moved from one hospice company ($37 plus mileage) to another one ($46 plus mileage) here in Northern California.
  6. by   Nhenry2B
    Hello edmia,
    Can you please provide some information about what the on-call per diem position entails? I am in GA and considering applying for this position and would really appreciate getting insight from someone who does this job.
  7. by   LeO rN bSn
    I would like to disagree very strongly with the one that said hospital based hospice has nothing positive. I worked for a FOR PROFIT hospice like vitas before and then moved on to a NON PROFIT hospital based hospice and I would say it was a great move. Dont get me wrong, I liked my time with Vitas, but I love my work at my current job. And turn over rate is low. I do not know how the hospital based hospice in your area works, but ours is great, thank you very much.
  8. by   GreatDaneAPRN
    I have been in hospice for 3 years now. I work as an on call nurse. This position is salaried. The annual salary was very close to my Med/Surg pay. My company is non-profit. I am reimbursed for my cell phone, mileage ($6000 last year), and my company pays my benefits.
  9. by   royalRN

    What is the name of the company that you work for. I am interested in transitioning into hospice care.

    Thank you.
  10. by   rrrnurse
    what company do you work for?
  11. by   dshirley22
    55k plus benefits after 90 days. cell and laptop, plus mileage. 4-6 visits daily, unless theres an admit, then its less.Call one wknd per month, $2 per hr, plus set rate for call out, more for a death call out.
  12. by   evelynkarirn
    I just started a full-time On-Call RN position (hours Fri 5p -Mon 8a) in central CA.
    $80,080/year, fully benefitted. Salary is $20-30K less than school or hospital nursing.
    Should be interesting as I also work FT as a School District Nurse (184 days/year, 7.25 hrs/day).
  13. by   CHoytRN
    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone out there is taking after hours hospice calls for an hourly wage? If so, do you receive shift differential?