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  1. MSN vs MBA

    Hi there, I am two semesters from finishing my MSN in Nursing Leadership and am already considering going back for my MBA. I love how my MSN has cemented my leadership skills and improved my self-confidence and now that I have full faith in my manage...
  2. Salary offer

    Agreed ccmunurse, deceiving. Unfortunately that's just how government runs its business, everything is clear as mud. I too was quoted the 1.0 FTE salary but was then given a 0.5 FTE position which I was completely confused about until AFTER my third ...
  3. VA Hiring Process

    Special1rn, Make sure everything you've ever done in your professional role is in your resume. If you volunteered for 2 days be sure it's on there. If you are certified in ANYTHING be sure it's on there. If you've served on Boards or Committees or do...
  4. VA Hiring Process

    NurseNavy that sounds about right. The Board meets once per month so if your information was sent to them soon after they've already convened for the month your application won't be reviewed until their next meeting. The good news is if you've gotten...
  5. Can I Work While Taking My TB meds?

    I think the correct answer is that you should discuss this with your facility's infection control nurse. Each facility has their own P&P's. So although it may be true that you are not infectious, your facility may take into consideration other im...
  6. Sexual Harassment from Chaplain

    I'm so sorry Luckygirlsuze, BSN! Everyone here has provided wonderful support and I wanted to let you know you are not alone. I too worked with a "chaplain" who constantly made inappropriate comments and essentially groped me the few times he hugged ...
  7. 40's a little too late?

    All the above is probably correct HOWEVER I entered the VA as an RN at age 47 and almost did not pass my physical because of my old eyes! I did not wear glasses my entire life until middle age hit. Now I have to wear readers and nearly failed my entr...
  8. Gay male nurses in military

    I work with an openly gay male nurse at the VA. Most people don't care and from what I have seen he is actually treated better than he might be in the civilian population. Vets may have opinions but they also know to keep it to themselves! Go for it!...
  9. What is the downside to the VA?

    GOVERNMENT. That's the downside. However, there are MANY more upsides that make up for the slow as molasses processes of having Uncle Sam be your boss. Great benefits, pride, upward mobility, flexibility, one of the largest employers in the country, ...
  10. VA Vacation

    Not at my VA. Covering vacation's is our nurse manager's problem, not the staff's!
  11. VA Student Loan Repayment

    First and foremost you are not eligible until after one year of employment. I stopped reading after that!
  12. VA nursing and health insurance

    You will actually enter your home zip code into the compare insurance website so you can see what is offered near your home. And lots of the plans are offered nationwide, don't worry about it the VA offers more options than I have had my entire caree...
  13. VA nursing and flu vaccine

    Scaring all the patients and families! Wearing the mask in Florida!
  14. VA Part-Time Vs. Full-Time RN

    Hi there! I was hired in August as a part-time RN by the VA only because there was no full-time positions available in my speciality. To answer your questions: 1) Yes. My tour is 40 hours per pay period so ideally I work 3 tours (shifts) the first we...
  15. VA Hiring Process

    pfinity, BSN - No news is good news! Just keep waiting. If you don't hear from them it is because they are working on it. Just think of it as similar to waiting in line at the DMV. You may wait for what feels like FOREVER but eventually they will ge...