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As a Registered Nurse, this year marks my 20th year in home health nursing. It has been a wonderful ride and I have met some interesting patients and co-workers along the way. I have worked in the field and in the office. I have... Read More

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    Its also a good idea to carry some dog treats in your car for your patients' little "angels" who act like a devil when you try to walk up to the door. I think every one of my patients have a dog.
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    I did six years of home health as an LPN and loved it. Although I changed career paths to go into LTC, I will always look fondly on my home health years. All home health nurses, good luck.
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    I have been in Home Health for the past 7 years and I love it. And I agree with either you will love home health or you will be running back for your prior specialty. Many nurses do not like home health, while others love it, it is like any specialty area. I have worked as a field nurse in home health, as a clinical supervisor for HH, and a DON of a HH, I prefer being in the field seeing patients and that is what I am doing now. The OASIS, well I am a COS-C, certified oasis specialists. If I have an admission, a recert or a post hospital I always make sure my OASIS, cert and orders are complete that night, if you let the paper work go it can mount up and be overwhelming. When I was the DON and clinical supervisor, my rule was you had till the next morning to turn in your prior days paper work, no excuses, this prevented the staff from getting behind and if someone else picked up the patient they had all the complete information needed.
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    I have applied for HH position, but was told by a former co-worker that she used to work with a nurse that years later, after getting a job with HH, had gotten killed by a patient's family member while doing a home visit. I have often wondered about the safety issues of going into other people's homes and now this has me very scared. Has anyone had any bad experiences with home health visits in which they were afraid for their safety after they had already entered a home?
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    Thank you so much for this post. Everything is true and insightful!

    April 6th marks my one year anniversary as a home health nurse. I work in the Bronx. It can get complicated, frustrating, etc. managing patients' cases (because yes, you are the coordinator!) but WOW, I have loved this job. It does not even feel like it's been a year since I started. Sometimes when I'm working, I have so much fun interacting/teaching/providing care to (most) of my patients that I can't believe I'm working (until my paperwork time arrives). But even with the paperwork, it's fun but one must be really organized and able to stay on top of tasks of coordinating.

    Most days after my visits & paperwork, I don't feel like I've "worked" because I enjoy the job. With home health, that saying applies to me: Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. So far, so good.
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    As an aside, I also got my 2nd cat one day going home after seeing patients in my health area. She was a stray who kept following me down the block, then followed me to my car, hopped into my car, and did not stop purring. I went with her straight to our vet, she was cleared, and came home with us. Sweetest cat ever. Never thought my 1st cat would ever get along with another cat, but they became fast BFF's. Anyway, she's just another blessing that came along through home health. lol.
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    Thank you for this post.
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    Thank for the tips! They are very encouraging. I start as a new grad Field Nurse on Monday.
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    Its so good to hear positive comments about home health nursing. I am just starting, have done a few shadow days, and think I will like it. I am overwhelmed by the constant distractions in the hospital, short staffing, and bad morale. I am hoping I can educate patients and help them achieve their goals, feel good about my job, and not go home questioning my career choice!
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    How have your first few months been?

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