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What is the average time to start a pt. It takes me about 2 hrs and I use the oasis page by page. Others tell me they do it in an hour, others tell me they don't use the oasis in front of the pt,... Read More

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    3 hr average, 1.5 hours in the home doing a thorough assessment, treatment and teaching, an hour to do paperwork and 30 min for drive time and scheduling etc.
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    2.5 total. Including drive time. (My SOCs are close)
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    Squeegee...I am new to home health. Would like to know if I may have a copy of the cheat sheet? My email is!
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    can i also have a copy please send to
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    Squeegee.. Hello, I was reading your posts.. is their anyway you can send me a copy of your oasis cheat sheet? I have been working in a hospital and I am transitioning to home health in about 3 wks.. I would appreciate it so much! thank you... my personal email is
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    Sorry to inform thread participants that Squeegee has not posted since 2014.