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    I'm interviewing for a HH job tomorow. Can you tell me the typical pay rates per visit and mileage? How many visits per day on the average?
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    I'm salaried so no per visit rate for me. When we do on call visits though we get $45 for a regular visit and $65 for an admission. Mileage we had been getting 50.5 cents a mile but it just decreased to 37.5 cents a mile last week. I average 5-6 visits a day and anywhere from 35-70 miles a day between patients.
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    US Government rate as of 8/1/08 is $0.585/mile.
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    US Government rate as of 8/1/08 is $0.585/mile.
    As of 01/01/09, it's going down to $0.55/mile. I'm salaried as well and my company matches the government mileage rates.
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    Government mileage rates here as well.
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    Govt mileage rate. I have a Corolla and can really do well. I sometimes do 100-130 miles a day on 6 visits. I am in a rural county.
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    I'm hourly, but I do know at the agency I work for the per visit nurses make $65 for a reg visit and $95 for an admission, Hospice team , so the visits are usually an hour. Our mileage reimbursement was 0.58 per mile until the gas prices fell, now it's 0.55/mile, not too bad now that gas has gone down
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    Does anyone know what the new per diem rates are for Penn Home Care in Philadelphia, PA?
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    I am paid hourly, we get $.53 a mile reimbersment and i usually see 6-7 pts on a regular day. If we are really busy with a lot of admissions i may see up to 9. I LOVE my job!!!
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    The HH agency that I went to work for as a RN case manager, we are given company cars that we take home, given a credit card for gas and car related expenses. We keep the car at our homes. I am salary, any overtime is comp time and so far that is working out really great!