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  1. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from nativehealer
    It all depends on the Reiki Master or Practioner on what a person needs. I have had it done both ways, hands on then an inch above and just hands above. Sorry that I did not properly clarify this.

    I thought that Reike was ALWAYS "hands off", using the hands to move energy but never actually touching the body. Then there is therapeutic touch, or healing touch, which DOES actually involve touching the body. But that true Reike practitioners never touch the body. Of course, I imagine they might use other forms of healing, such as "hands on" healing, but then it wouldn't be Reike, would it?
  2. by   sauceywolf
    I have been an RN for over 20 years, have worked with energy for over 15 years and have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for 6 years. Reiki is hands on. There are some states where the practioner can not do hands on unless they are a doctor,nurse or LMT or RMT. Other than that , there are some times that a hands on approach is not appropriate--such as with a burn pt. or someone who has issues about being touched. Reiki can be done with hands above the clients body with the same result as hands on. To MotorcycleMama--don't give up on Reiki--I would suggest that you try to find a different practioner. I have seen it do amazing things. good luck and namaste.
  3. by   MoniqueS
    I am currently studying Reiki and I'm at level two. This weekend, I was able to offer free Reiki sessions for free (donations accepted) at an EXPO - and I was able to do sessions on 30 people! I found myself learning a lot. I also was very honored that many people felt better after the session. A few even cried (good tears) I think, just like nursing, there is a lot of learning in hands-on experience.

    By the way, I place my hands ON when I do Reiki, for me... it works better this away. Plus, I find it a bit awkward to have to hover my hand over someone

    Great to find this post! I love that other nurses and nurses-to-be are doing Reiki.
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from zenman
    Yes, even those animals who are helped by acupuncture, for example, must express a desire to get better.

    Of course, Reiki works whether or not the receiver is "open to it." That's one of its beauties.
  5. by   MomRN0913
    I had a very interesting experience with Reiki as a nurse. A wonderful doctor had her mother in our ICU. She was vented, end stage CA. I came onto shift, the patient was a bit restless, RR- 24. After I do my assessment, a Reiki master comes in. She does her magic and I couldn't believe what I saw. She asked the doctor for a number for her respirations and she said "12" I'll be darned, it went down to 12. Her HR went from tachy around 115 to the 80's. I kind of stood there in amazement and asked about it and she believed in the holistic treatment, not as a cure, but to calm. My second night, towards the end of the shift, the doctor decided to start end of life care for her mother and she did pass. But still, I became a believer after seeing that.

    So, when I was going through something pretty bad in my life i decided to try it. It didn't work much for me. The only thing that I did notice was whenever they went over my belly, it would make loud noises, so there must have beens ome sort of energy field going ont here.