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Hi, I am a student and I am interested in aromatherapy and nursing. I am having a tough time finding articles or websites that describe what a nurse aromatherapist does or how to integrate aromatherapy in the nursing practice.... Read More

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    When you guys use aromatherapy, do you place drops on the sheets and pillows or do you use a diffuser?

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    The cheapest and quickest diffuser I have found is an index card. Just add a few drops and vigorously fan and it will fill a room instantly. After fanning, just "tent" the card and leave it in the room. It can be safer than a heat producing diffuser or an expensive fan-type diffuser.

    Be very careful about what oils are allowed to come in contact with skin without a carrier oil. Pretty much lavendar is the only essential oil that can be allowed to touch skin for most people.

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