Mandatory that we report hippa violations? - page 2

by ENicuRN, MSN, RN | 10,024 Views | 10 Comments

As I was on Facebook recently and a person posted a photo if her and her patient which also included the patient's first name. I am just curious if we are mandated to report HIPPA violations. I unfortunately do not want to be... Read More

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    Quote from hipaadude
    If as indicated the two photo's provide health information about an individual, then you may have a breach on your hands. If so - that breach needs to be recorded and reported to DHHS in the year it occured, as a breach under 500 individuals.
    You are talking about regs requiring organizations to inform individuals when data breaches occur. This has to do with IT security & use of EHRs, which is not really applicable here.

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