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Hi, I hope someone can give me some help on this. I am a patient that just was seen at a ob-gyn and was advised to do a D& C at the local hospital. I agreed and signed the paper so they could schedule it. I told every person in... Read More

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    Quote from Sirius Squint
    Judgement should be left out, please.
    Funny, I looked at this as an observation.

    Judgment: "You should be should be ashamed that you don't have a more open relationship with you staff." (not my view, just an example of a judgment)

    Observation: What JZ said.
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    While they didn't exactly follow your wishes, if no PHI was shared, it wasn't a HIPAA violation.

    Also, it's not against the law for them to leave you a generic message asking you to call them back...though the "very important" part wasn't necessary. Wasn't wrong, but IMO wasn't necessary.

    Next time give your PCP only the number(s) that you wish to be contacted at...and it's perfectly OK to list your cell phone number under "Home."

    As far as what you tell your spouse/family about your healthcare, that is your concern and I do not judge. But keep in mind that if you want it to be kept from them for whatever reason, don't give your PCP a telephone number that the spouse/family could potentially answer.
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