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So I went to clinical prep yesterday and my husband accompanied me up to the unit. As I did my prep he sat by me playing on his iPhone. Anyway someone(s) told my instructor that he was there and that I was supposedly showing him... Read More

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    OP, you really, really need to delete your email address in this! Between your screen name (which I am guessing is the initial of your first name, your last name and the year you were born in) and your email, there is just way too much personal information out there for people to see.

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    First, I'm sorry that you are in this situation. I remember not knowing if I was going to be kicked out of school for being late on my make-up clinical day. I ended up being kicked out, but allowed to come back the following semester. It was entirely my fault. There were my mistakes that I made. By golly I have learned. Those 3 days of not knowing were some of the worst I have experienced. I feel for you

    The thing in your situation is that you must learn to take full responsibility! You need to approach any time you are on clinical grounds as if you are a working nurse. Come prepared and come wise. Nurses carry loads of responsibility. The last thing your directors are going to want to hear are excuses of not knowing better. YOU NEED TO KNOW BETTER. Patient privacy is about as big as it gets

    Own up to your mistakes. Apologize. Assure and then re-assure them that it will never happen again. Do some HIPAA research and show them all of the things that you HAVE learned and discovered since the incident. Make them confident that they can trust you as not only a student but also a nurse.

    Best of luck and keep your head up
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    Quote from crunchrn
    unfortunate mistake. they will probably kick you out. big misjudgement , but we have all been there at one time or another.

    ummmmm. no i haven't. i've made some stupid mistakes. many. but not this. you can include yourself, but don't say we've all been there. i haven't and never will because i have common sense and professionalism.
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    Quote from floridanurse1983
    Ummmmm. No I haven't. I've made some stupid mistakes. Many. But not this. You can include yourself, but don't say we've all been there. I haven't and never will because I have common sense and professionalism.
    I was trying to be kind. Not everyone is a superior specimen like y'all!
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    Quote from mazy
    All questions of patient confidentiality aside, why on earth would you take your husband with you to clinical prep? I can't even fathom the thought process there.
    I'm inclined to agree. I just can't wrap my mind around it, either.

    It seems like an honest mistake, though, and I hope it works out for you.
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    Quote from mangopeach
    I believe this is common practice for many programs, including mine. First and Second Semester we had to go pick up our patient and do research on their conditions, do the patho, write up drug cards, etc.

    As long as you were not interacting with the patient, we did not need a CI to be there.
    We also went to the clinical site and reviewed charts with no supervision whatsoever.
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    Quote from merlee
    But I am curious - - if there was someone who truly thought there was an issue, why was it not addressed on the site at that time??? Who allows a possible breach of privacy to continue indefinitely? Who is the nasty person behind this?
    That's the first thing that popped into my mind. It was sooooo awful that no one took care of it right then and there?

    I do, however, agree with others on the fact it was questionable judgement and how to handle the professional board.
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    Quote from steffuturelpn
    not to chastise you but im in agreement with everyone else, but the sad part is that it makes me question your judgement as a nurse and at this point i would not want you to care for me, my mother or my daughter, it seems ur making excuses a 20 minute drive i drve a hour a day each way for clinical and for class and the one day i brought my daughter too class for a hour i had gotten the pre approval from my instructor because my daughtter was off, unexpectdly due to catholic school and one of there holidays, but as i say i had pre approval, before i did this and i still felt a bit uncomfortable with this, but i managed being a a-b student like yourself, you need to re-evaluate yourself and just admit your wrong doing and tell them that you will never do it again, but im pretty sure your gonna be dismissed because hippa is no joke, sorry about your situation
    Really? Wow.
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    to borrow one of my mom's expressions from when i was growing up, "a big part of being grown up and becoming a responsible adult is
    owning up to your mistakes and being willing to live with the consequences of your actions."

    to paraphrase... no excuses... no lame ones and none at all, no matter how good they sound to your ears. be willing to live with and abide by whatever they say without complaining about how unfair it is, or that the sanction was waaay too harsh.

    you did a really dumb foolish thing. it was outrageous and may have some severe consequences to be faced. accept full responsibility for your actions and you may -- might -- not be dismissed. just keep in mind that whether or not you intended to violate ethics is totally and completely irrelevant.
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98! I supposed to get a sitter for my husband when I leave him at home??? I am surprised no one has called CPS on me.

    Sorry, I thought this thread could use some comic relief.

    Herro!?? Of course! Like OMG Becky! You left him home alone! Totally not cool!
    I'm entertaining myself at this point! It's Friday. Friday's are non-serious days for me.
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