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  1. I am taking the HESI entrance exam tomorrow. I am VERY nervous, I have been studying but I still don't feel confident. Has anyone taken it? I NEED ADVICE PLEASE HELP
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  3. by   sfinn
    Hey! There are lots of threads on this if you search under Hesi A2. I took the Hesi about a week ago and I thought that everything was fairly easy except for the A&P and Biology. A&P specifically was probably hard for me because I've never taken it before. If you have some sort of background in it than possibly it won't be that bad? I have a background in Bio but I feel as if they asked the most random and confusing questions.

    Honestly, I wouldn't use their study guide. I would use an old text and study the basic functions and parts of the cell, along with stuff like active and passive transport. Good luck! Let us know how you do!
  4. by   KAYBDT6
    Just basic stuff. There is no need to read for it once you know your basic such as math and reading. I took my today. it was so interestingi made above 80 in both reading and maths.
  5. by   Cporter65
    So I took my HESI A2 yesterday... I thought the science sections that were added on were very unreasonable. The study guide was no help and a waste of time and money. I did fine on reading grammar and math but the sciences killed it totally for me. Im praying to God that somehow I am not the only person who stuggled.
  6. by   caurean
    I am just wondering if the HESI and the HESI A2 the same? I am sorry I have no idea but I am willing to take my chances in studying this field. The lector told us in the session that we should atleast take the A&P 1and 2 before taking the HESI, just wondering again if studying the A&P 1 and 2 is a self study thing or they are subjects that can be taken in school? I was overwhelmed by the things I need to do just to be in the program but I dont want to give up. So help me God lol.. Hope I can get the PDF file too of this HESI assessment exam. I will appreciate the help.. thanks
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  7. by   guiltysins
    Well I bought the study guide and it was helpful, but then again our school didn't require the science portions so that was probably why.
  8. by   chctwqueen
    Quote from guiltysins
    Well I bought the study guide and it was helpful, but then again our school didn't require the science portions so that was probably why.
    What is the exact name of the study guide? Is it just called Hesi study guide? You can PM me.

  9. by   Afirecoflyer
    There are two HESI tests. The HESI A2 is an entrance exam for nursing school. This is the one you want. The regular HESI is the exit exam that some people have to complete after they have completed all their nursing coursework.

    Apparently some schools do not require all the sections of the HESI A2 so you may or may not have all the sciences.


    This second site is from the administrator of the Hesi A2 entrance exam and reviews the categories and subject matter that is included in their tests. (Geared to the school administrators but great for students info.)


    I am taking mine in October and need some serious crash studying since I am returning to school after many years. :/
  10. by   Pesce101010
    hey everyone. just took the hesi entrance a(2) exam this last friday. i used the hesi entrance assessment study guide 2nd edition by evolve, various vocabulary tests on the internet, and the study guide from west coast university that’s now unavailable. the math section was straight out of the book and it seemed that they focused a lot on proportions(100%). the grammar section wasn't that bad. they asked what words were the mistakes in the sentences and asked what words would fit the best in each of sentences(88%). reading comprehension wasn't that bad, follow the study guide and you'll be fine(87.3%). vocabulary midway through the test i was hoping for a 75% on the section. definitely not word for word like all the other sections. probably had about half the words from the study guide on there. the other half are words used around the hospital. ex. what word means to urinate? answer:micturition. i ended up getting an 86% on the vocabulary section, with an overall 90.31%. i studied for this test for about a month and i believe it payed off. my advice is to concentrate most of your study time on the study guide and also to try to find common hospital terms on the internet. good luck, you’ll be fine.
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  11. by   ali523
    Does anyone know if the West Coast University Hesi A2 study guide is still out there somewhere and how to get to it?
  12. by   CandyGyrl1985
    I took the HESI today.
    I only studied yesterday for it.
    In math I got 100%
    Reading 89.4%
    Vocab 90%

    The study guide is great to brush up on math skills.
    I memorized all 100 words from the vocab section and only about 20 were on the test. The rest of the questions were med term (not abbreviations) and A&P terms. I had a couple of bio questions too. Which I thought was weird since we were told not to study the A&P and Sciences.
    The reading comp - you either know it or you dont.

    I thought the test was pretty easy. Just be sure you get the vocab from the entire book for that part of the test - dont just study the vocab chapter.
  13. by   arismar12

    Could you please let me know the name of your book and where you bought it from for your HESI test...I need to study!!! Thanks
  14. by   CandyGyrl1985
    Its called

    Admission Assessment Exam Review 2nd edition
    Top of the book says Evolve Reach Powered by Hesi

    I bought mine through my college. But you can buy it I think off of the evolve site, ebay or amazon.

    isbn 978-1-4160-5635-5