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    HESI entrance exam

    hey everyone. just took the hesi entrance a(2) exam this last friday. i used the hesi entrance assessment study guide 2nd edition by evolve, various vocabulary tests on the internet, and the study guide from west coast university that’s now unavailable. the math section was straight out of the book and it seemed that they focused a lot on proportions(100%). the grammar section wasn't that bad. they asked what words were the mistakes in the sentences and asked what words would fit the best in each of sentences(88%). reading comprehension wasn't that bad, follow the study guide and you'll be fine(87.3%). vocabulary midway through the test i was hoping for a 75% on the section. definitely not word for word like all the other sections. probably had about half the words from the study guide on there. the other half are words used around the hospital. ex. what word means to urinate? answer:micturition. i ended up getting an 86% on the vocabulary section, with an overall 90.31%. i studied for this test for about a month and i believe it payed off. my advice is to concentrate most of your study time on the study guide and also to try to find common hospital terms on the internet. good luck, you’ll be fine.