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  1. CandyGyrl1985

    Quiting LPN School

    I agree with the other posters. If I were you - I would PICK ONE AREA of priority and focus there. If you are just getting your LPN so you can work while you get your BSN - I would consider being a CNA instead so it doesnt lower the grades of your priority area. BUT if you are doing LPN so you can bridge - I would focus on LPN... Since you cant bridge to RN without first acheiving LPN... Just narrow down your goals into steps and take one step at a time.
  2. CandyGyrl1985

    I am tired of this attitude

    OMG - I died laughing!!! That's hilarious! :lol_hitti
  3. CandyGyrl1985

    How you make yourself immune while you work as a nurse? Any ideas?

    here is what i do to protect myself and my family: when i get home from work - i remove my scrubs - turn them inside out and put them in a laundry basket designated for my work clothes. i remove my shoes before entering the house and keep them in the garage.:anpom: i spray lysol on my shoes and the bottoms... i will also lysol the laundry basket...:clpty: use hand sanitizer between hand washings... wash your hands or better yet shower when you get home.... if a particular patient has a cold - wash your hands immediately and be aware of your hands touching linens and then making contact with your clothes or face... :thankya: take a multivitamin if applicable:hotchocolate: exercise outside of work:monkeydance: eat well:cheers: laugh often and i may just be paranoid- but if the patient sneezes and i am within contact range - when i leave the room i blow my nose... is this effective- most likely not lol but it makes me feel better.
  4. CandyGyrl1985

    I am tired of this attitude

    I think that there are A FEW (not most - but a few) people out there who just think about nursing as $$$ or a way to climb up a ladder to quick power and respect. These FEW people do tend to not really care about the ideals and love behind nursing. But I also believe that these are the people who do not succeed for one reason or another. Honestly, if you dont have a heart for the patients - it wont matter how smart you are or how great your work ethics might be... Your days revolve around patients - there is no way to cut them out of the middle.
  5. CandyGyrl1985

    The Kaplan LPN experience

    I am so excited! I start LPN school on the 2nd of December and have orientation tomorrow! YEY! I started a blog a while back about my journey so far... http://candacespn.yolasite.com I cant wait to begin this journey! If anyone is curious about Kaplan's LPN program feel free to ask, I will be happy to update everyone on how school is going. I know that I have been reading every post on here from SPNs so I can learn all I can about the way the program works....
  6. CandyGyrl1985

    Needs advice 4rm all u smart nurses pls!!!!

    as a mother of 3 , i know how you feel. i decided to do an accelerated nursing program because i just dont have the years to dedicate to school with 3 young babies. so, i am going into a 1 yr lpn program and after all of my kids are in school i will bridge to rn. i have a 3.75 gpa ... i volunteered with a hospice organization and put in 75 hours in 2 months... i took psychology, sociology, english, medical terminology, and lpn math through the community college (my nursing school considered these classes as part of the evaluation to get in.) i also received my cna. i was approved for nursing school in no time:nurse:. so my advice is do a little volunteer work to sweeten your application and give you more experiences. and go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. CandyGyrl1985

    what do you regret?

    Dont be afraid to ask questions. Do not be intimated by the instructor. Do not be intimated by the patient. BE CONFIDENT even when you are so scared you think you peed yourself
  8. CandyGyrl1985

    Question for all your school nurses

    Can LPNs be school nurses? What do you typically do in your field? What is a typical day in your shoes like? Thanks, Candace
  9. CandyGyrl1985

    Tricks to getting patients to do what you want?

    Sometimes it is appropriate to tell instead of ask... For example some patients when asked if they want a bath will say no... But if you come in and say Its time for your bath they will comply. If they truly do not want a bath or whatever - believe me they will let you know.
  10. CandyGyrl1985

    Does allnurses.com make you a better nurse?

    This site has helped me learn about many specialties in nursing that I had no access to. This includes: Correctional nursing, burn unit nursing, labor and delivery nursing and many other areas. Not only that, but this site is a great tool to use for venting, researching, and getting advice from other nurses.
  11. CandyGyrl1985

    NEEDED: Creative advice for a new grad

    Today, I am writing a letter of congrats to my best friend who is graduating from the BSN nursing program. As I sat here and tried to come up with witty words of encouragement I realized that I had no idea where to begin. I will be starting the LPN program in a few days and have no true graduation insight on which to share with her. So my question for all of your seasoned nurses is: What would you say to prepare a new grad? What would you say to encourage and inspire a new grad? Any other advice or love to share regarding nursing? Basically, I am at a creative loss since I cant even imagine what a day in your shoes might be. Of coarse- I can come up with the basics to this letter, but I am reaching for something with a little bit more depth and understanding. Please please help me! I have pondered this topic for days now, and still have no idea where to start....
  12. CandyGyrl1985

    grey area abuse and a homecare worker

    I do not see a grey area at all. If the man is lucid - aware - and able to make coherent decisions that is his choice. You have no idea what the circumstances were. Maybe she has a hard knock life and he felt that she could use it - so he told her to get what she needed... Either way it was his choice. There is nothing you can do. It might not be what most of us would do, however the man is entitled to do as he pleases. Whether he is disabled is neither here nor there. This happens all the time in the world to people of all walks of life and health status. If the police and a lawyer both agreed that it was legal - why press the issue? Educate the man on people taking advantage of him and let it go. Why would you want to call someones employer if the issue is legal? Morals and ethics are not always black and white - as your post title states - grey areas. Some people are less moral than others... I personally believe God will give the come around ten fold to people who are dishonest like this. But there is a difference between someone being less moral than another by taking advantage of a patient and someone doing something illegal and being legally responsible to report it to their employer. On a lighter note, it is a wonderful that you are so compassionate and caring for this man. You have a heart for him and your job - dont lose that. Try to remember that things have a way of coming back around to people.
  13. CandyGyrl1985

    Pregnancy-Hot Baths

    Because hot hot hot water will raise internal temps.... (kind of morbid but I always thought of it like boiling a chicken.) I think the reason has something to do with the baby not being able to sweat & the heat turns up your heart rate causing stress to the baby??? But I could be wrong. Either way you dont want to submerge or steam in water over 100 F.
  14. Its a LARGE can of worms.... The chances of it going smooth are 50% and the chances of it blowing up are 50%. I would say - that if the FACILITY agrees with you to have the conversation - with a WITNESS then go for it (tactfully of coarse)... Then as others have said document it. That way you butt is covered and the nurse will realize that if anything more comes of it - it could cost her dearly. As long as your facility is by your side and you are not stepping over the professional line or making threats to fire if she does not delete the resident - than it SHOULD be fine... But as for the worms - she might resent you... She might gossip about you... She might complain to managers about you and claim that she has the right to her own privacy outside of work, etc.... The facility might throw you under the bus if push came to shove since you are the one who originally had the problem, etc... Think out your decision and decide which causes MORE PROBLEMS FOR YOU either way. Good luck - let us know how it goes...
  15. CandyGyrl1985

    So we have a Code coming in....

    I know what you mean about sounding morbid... I worry about what other people think when I get excited about medically gross things... It is sad that the patient did not make it. It is also exciting that you were able to get your first code under your belt!!! ~Just Living the Dream~ :redbeathe
  16. Wow! I finally found someone else going to Kaplan here in Vegas!!! That is so awesome! Are you excited? I am thrilled - but like everyone else here tired of waiting...