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Hello all. Been a nurse for 7 years. Mostly OR but recently I am on my 8th month of Med Surg. I am really, REALLY struggling. Feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown... well I had a mini-one... Read More

  1. by   VaccineQueen
    Once your mental well-being is under control (which is the priority), maybe you should consider a work from home job for an insurance company? Or maybe try something like Urgent Care where you can do 3 12's but the pace is slower? Or maybe Public Health? Or Occupational Health? There's also those recreational IV for health places that always hire RNs - all you do is start IVs all day! You could still do nursing, just not like you are now. Just my two cents.
  2. by   amzyRN
    I think you should take a personal leave and then see how you feel. Taking in so much of work is not healthy and I think might be signs of an emerging mental health crisis. There is not shame in that. I believe mental health problems are legitimate biochemical problems like diabetes, except they start in the brain. There shouldn't be so much shame in that. Please take care of yourself and know that once you get your mind in a more healthy place nursing might be a good place for you again.

    And once you get to the bottom of what's really going on for you, it might be possible for you to resume a high-stress position. When I've had severe stresses in my personal life, it has been harder for me to function at work and be objective.

    Detachment, objectivity and a calm demeanor are necessary to be an effective nurse in a high stress environment. The ability to just do the best we can with the resources we have and be okay with that is important. Being respectful in interactions with co-workers and patients and families is necessary. Also having enough self-respect to stand up for what is right is also important. That includes choosing an employer that supports staff with enough resources that provides a safe environment.
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  3. by   skydancer7
    Hello all, thanks so much!! I called out sick today, saw my psych nurse practitioner, got a note for medical leave, and called HR to start the process. I get 3 free counseling sessions through our employee assistance program. I am starting with one month off and will re-assess from there. I still am not clear whether it's ok to be on leave from one job while still getting some per-diem hours at another, but hopefully will find out soon. I LOVE the idea of a work-from-home RN job and have been looking for those jobs lately. Thanks again everyone I am feeling better. Still down but hopeful...