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skydancer7 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Operating Room, CNOR.

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  1. I disagree with requiring med/surg first; they are too different. I started immediately in the operating room. However, the place I started had an AORN periop 101 training program that lasted 6 months. That is what's most important, in my experience and opinion after 10 years as an OR circulator. I actually went back to med surg for a year, to get that "well rounded" experience. I would say it did NOT make me a better OR circulator. It just made me burn out and nearly loose my health and sanity while working med/surg. There is NO good reason to put someone through that in order to make them a good circulator. The skill set is so extremely different. However, having new grads in the OR WITHOUT a solid periop 101 program for 6 months is a recipe for frustration and failure. I am of the opinion that this definitely should not be done without a designated training program in place. NOT just throwing them to preceptors.
  2. skydancer7

    Need advise from working nurses, from a student

    Glad you have received such wonderful support here! I have had preceptors like that and at a certain point I confronted one. I said "it seems like you are pretty upset that you are stuck precepting me today. How about I go talk to the manager about having someone else?" She backtracked really quick-like and was a bit kinder the rest of the day. I know it's hard and terrifying to stand up to these nurses but if you do it in a kind and respectful way, gently pointing out that they seem "upset", "angry", "Frustrated"... it holds a mirror up to their behavior and puts THEM on the defense, and they might ease up a bit. I simply got fed up with being treated like sh*t by cranky preceptors and KNEW that it was possible to have a different experience. As far as the rest of your lifestyle: Something has to give. You DO NOT need a 4.0 to be an awesome nurse. No one is going to ask or care about your GPA when you land that first job. You DO, however, need a functioning and well-rested brain. Sleep is absolutely paramount and should be prioritized over perfect grades. Maybe allow yourself a 3.6, and get closer to 7 hours of sleep a night. Hope things are looking brighter for you!!
  3. Hello all, I would love some perspective! I am looking at two potential jobs: assuming I get an offer for each, which do you think might be better? One is an outpatient IV infusion/transfusion clinic attached to a major area hospital. It would be 0.6 FTE with benefits, with weekend hours available, which is good for my schedule. The other is a resource/per diem position on the vascular access team at a major level 1 trauma center in the area (that pays better, btw). I am not clear on the call situation or too many other details yet; I was interviewing with the same nurse manager for an apheresis RN position, and we both agreed the VAT might be a better fit for me, but the position hasn't been posted yet (darn holidays). I have done a bit of IV therapy in an oncology setting for a few months, and in a naturopathic/integrative clinic for a few months, plus many IV starts throughout my 9 years as an RN, and 3 years as a phlebotomist. I can access ports but have never started central lines, PICCs, etc, though I am very interested. I enjoy hyper-focused detailed tasks that require my full attention, rather than the multi-tasking flurry of med-surg or operating room. I am in full time grad school and need something flexible and with relatively little stress compared to the operating room (my current "specialty"). Honestly I am not certain I can manage a 0.6 FTE with school, but, health insurance.... I am less familiar with the VAT nursing vibe but I think I would LOVE going from room to room and helping people get the vascular access they need. Can you tell me about this kind of job, especially in a major hospital? High stress? I imagine you get plenty of miles on the ol' FitBit. Do you think a nurse with 9 years experience, mostly OR with some IV therepy and a phlebotomy background, could rock a VAT nurse position, or do I need some other experience first? I like the outpatient infusion/transfusion option as well; possibly less stress? This one would give me health insurance as well, so I have to consider that. It might also be better experience for a VAT position in the future. Any thoughts on comparing the two types of jobs would be much appreciated! I love doing IVs and have been wanting something like this for years, but not sure which would be a better fit for being in school the next 3.5 years.
  4. skydancer7

    Get to shadow a hospice nurse, advice?

    Thank you Katillac, I agree. I have been working on my energetic and emotional boundaries for years, but I think I am too much of an empath to have this be my specialty. It's not for everyone, I guess, even though my heart's in the right place.
  5. skydancer7

    ER nurse or OR nurse?

    I have been an OR nurse for most of the last 10 years. I started in the OR from day one. I was still able to branch out and try med-surg and clinic float pool and some other things, 7 years later, after having only OR experience. It sounds like you might love the OR and if you do, you won't have to worry about losing other skills. You can do OR until you retire, or you can branch out again later. Try finding a periop 101 program where they train you in the OR for 6 solid months. It's an excellent foundation. Having OR under your belt will mean you can always always find a job. I can't speak to ER; haven't worked there.
  6. skydancer7

    Apheresis nursing, interview soon, help?

    Thank you so much for your responses! It turns out the manager is also in charge of the vascular access team, and we both decided I would be a better fit there after all, instead of apheresis. So it all is working out for the best!
  7. skydancer7

    Help! Surgery center standards

    Yikes! Makes me wonder what their main OR was like. Yeah surgeon owned can be like that but not always, so don't let that deter you too much from finding a better ASC. They do exist
  8. skydancer7

    Help! Surgery center standards

    I am happy for you and confident you made the right call! Remembering back now, there was one ASC I went to that I quit within a week because of similar unsafe conditions. But certainly not all ASCs are like that. It is possible to find good ones. You might consider working in one that is attached/part of a hospital? I know of three hospitals in my area that have an ASC, and they have to follow the same rules as the hospitals. I worked in one of those and it was top notch, no cutting corners. I guess it depends on your area and what's available. Good luck to you!!
  9. skydancer7

    Get to shadow a hospice nurse, advice?

    I ended up shadowing and lasted half a shift. Being around the grief of the families was too much; like a punch right in the gut. I wonder if that is something one could get used to, because I really had hoped that it would be my "calling" and I am tempted to try again someday. I am just such an empath; it was really hard being around all the sadness, but maybe it is something you learn to deal with? Thoughts on this?
  10. skydancer7

    Switching from OR to ED

    I have been in the OR almost 10 years. Went to med-surg, lasted 10 months. Personally, the floor is NOT for me. If you can stick it out another few months and get a solid year in the OR, you will have a strong resume and can always fall back on OR if you want to in the future. I love the fact that the patients are asleep, to be honest. But if you really want more patient interaction, go for it!
  11. skydancer7

    Help! Surgery center standards

    This is NOT the norm, this is attrocious and should be reported. Oh my goodness. I have worked in two ASC's, and both were very aware of AORN standards and did their absolute best to uphold that. You are in a dangerous environment and your license could be at risk here. I would bail immediately, personally. I have worked OR for 10 years, and also have my CNOR. Yeah... not normal, not okay.
  12. skydancer7

    Apheresis nursing, interview soon, help?

    Interview went well. Manager mentioned there is some "drama" since it's such a small unit. Only a handful of apheresis nurses serving a giant hospital including going over to pediatrics as needed. She said there isn't much MD oversight; there's no medical director for the unit, though the hem/onc docs try and help out... and the docs are always trying to get nurses to write orders. Pretty typical? Red flags? Run, don't walk? The good thing is, most of those nurses have been there a long time; not a high turnover place, which I take as an overall good sign.
  13. skydancer7

    Apheresis nursing, interview soon, help?

    Ah, sounds like it is a stressful specialty. I honestly just had no idea whether it would be better or worse than OR circulating in that regard. Thank you so much for the heads up. I am not super young. Late 30's... would rather just focus on school, but trying to keep student loans to a minimum. Hmmm maybe circulating would be better. I know the job inside and out, but I am soooo burned out on it.
  14. Hello, I have an interview in a week for a level 1 trauma center hospital apheresis nurse position. They do total plasma exchange, extracorporeal photopheresis, LDL pheresis, stem cell collections, CAR-T collections, RBC exchange (for example for sickle cell patients) and WBC depletion (for example in leukemia). I have no idea what the environment is like, stress level, etc. This unit is mostly outpatient but nurses do take call and can end up going to the OR or ICU for patients who need an apheresis procedure urgently. I have been an OR nurse for 9 years, med-surg for one year, and some IV therapy here and there. Hoping it's a good fit. How steep is the learning curve? How is the stress level compared to other areas of nursing? Am I crazy taking on a new (part time/per diem) apheresis nurse gig while also in grad school full-time? Thank you so much!
  15. skydancer7

    Advice? Med inventory and ordering

    Hello all! I will be taking over medication inventory and ordering at my ambulatory surgery center, and I am looking for resources. I am an Operating Room nurse, but now my time will be divided with this job as well. I used to order meds for a smaller clinic (2 ORs) and never had to order narcotics. Well, this place is about 3 times as big (4 operating rooms, 2 pain procedure rooms, pre and post-op). I will be ordering all meds including narcotics once I get my DEA license. I will also be doing monthly checking and disposal of expiring/expired meds. Have any other nurses done this? I am looking for resources and ideas. The nurse who used to do this is leaving in a week and doing her best to show me the ropes but the clock is ticking. In the small clinic, I would just browse through the shelves and see what needed ordering. This new job seems pretty overwhelming, especially with the medication shortages and back-orders. I am scared to forget to order something important, have surgeries cancelled, etc!! I am pretty excited, actually; I love "behind the scenes" solo independent task-y work. I think I will be well-suited to this once I get my bearings. Websites? Ideas? Advice? Thanks in advance!
  16. skydancer7

    Get to shadow a hospice nurse, advice?

    Hello! I have the opportunity to shadow a hospice nurse tomorrow. I have been a nurse for 7 years. I work at a hospital in med-surg currently, and the company has two hospice house locations. I don't know a ton about it, except that after seeing the suffering people go through, I am a deep believer in palliative and hospice care, and I want to get involved. I think my heart is more in that direction than extreme measures to keep people alive just for the sake of staving off death for a little longer I have "hunch" that I might be a good fit as a hospice nurse but won't know until I check it out. What questions should I ask the nurse I am shadowing, to get the most out of this experience? I am very excited!! Thanks so much!!

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