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  1. I second the operating room circulator idea. I have been an OR nurse for 10 years. You do a brief patient interview and the rest of the time the patient is usually asleep. You do have to deal with surgeons, though, and they can be major stinkers a...
  2. Eye surgery center? Possible new job

    I know, I totally used to have the same reaction. I guess I got used to eyeballs over time ? Thanks for the Alexander's idea, I will try and find a copy asap!
  3. Hi all, eye surgery clinic circulating/scrubbing experiences? I have been an OR nurse for 10 years and have done some ophthalmology scattered in with other main OR cases back in the day, but this job I am about to get an offer for is 3 ORs and one L...
  4. New Grad Nurse in OR

    CONGRATS, so glad you will be able to transfer! Sounds like that might work out best for you. Wishing you the best! Wish I would have gotten out of the OR sooner, but it got me to where I am today, so there's that ?
  5. New Grad Nurse in OR

    Hello again, I just re-read your initial post. If you have until end of June and are able to focus on just one specialty area, you might be okay! Is it the "right" specialty for you? Hard to know. But a year of OR experience is a solid stepping s...
  6. New Grad Nurse in OR

    Hello! I SO feel your pain. I have been in the OR almost 10 years now, though it seems like only yesterday I was brand new and terrified. How is the culture? Are surgeons overall respectful or are you being condescended to and talked down to all ...
  7. Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    This makes sense. My area is not covid-flooded yet; we acted early and our curve is a lot flatter than places like NY, so census is VERY low especially for surgeries, and with OR being my specialty, no one wants me right now. I decided to stay in s...
  8. Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    WOW!. What a mess. Maybe I should not have taken leave from school after all... I have until tomorrow to change my mind ?
  9. Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    Thank you, that's really good to know and confirms what I was thinking is happening. It's kind of ironic and too bad; when they need help the most, it's hardest to get folks on-boarded. Put me in coach, I'm ready!
  10. Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    Hello all, I am an RN with 10 years experience, been applying for 2-3 weeks now. I have had one interview, they checked references. A week later, no reply. Talked with HR at two other places, they say they will get back to me.... Are they just so ...
  11. Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    I am wondering the same. I haven only seen one ad for Oregon, a company I have never heard of called ALC staffing which has a one-star review on Google and no other web presence besides a shoddy website. Would love to hear which REPUTABLE agencies a...
  12. I am a nurse in Oregon and I haven't seen any ads yet for crisis nurses needed. Seattle definitely has been staffing up. I am wondering if I should contact area hospitals, or just wait for staffing agencies to advertise, because if I do go back to h...
  13. Acute COVID, What We're Seeing

    Thank you. Wondering how hospitals are staffing up for this. It's about to blow up in my area, I am just waiting for the ads for crisis nurses needed but haven't seen anything yet. I guess I will start contacting hospitals. Don't want to get back...
  14. Need advise regarding uncomfortable, disrespectful situation

    YES circulators absolutely are supposed to do their own pre-op interview and intake. It is abbreviated compared to the admission intake, but should involve introductions, name and date of birth, allergies, metal in the body, hearing aids/contact lens...
  15. Need advise regarding uncomfortable, disrespectful situation

    He wasn't doing his job. He did not introduce himself. He did not do an appropriate pre-op interview and assessment. Sounds like he wore an outdoor jacket into an OR. Regardless of gender, this RN did not behave in a professional manner. I have ...