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Greetings! Many of you know that I have struggled for most of my life with compulsive eating and weight issues. I got my start way back in the 1960s, growing up with an overweight mother who... Read More

  1. by   RNAnnjeh
    I am so glad that I found this thread. I've been so down in the dumps lately over my weight issues.

    I'm at my heaviest EVER....and I hate it. 2 weeks ago my Dad had an angina attack and ended up having an angioplasty and is in a cardiac rehab program. I DO NOT want to end up there! But at this rate, I might as well check myself in.

    It's others have said...we know what we need to do---so why is it so hard?

    Thanks for your success stories..they are truly motivating to me and I hope that next week I'll have something positive to share, too.

  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    I lost only 1/2 a pound this past week, so I'm sort of in the dumper about that---I want to get under 300# NOW---but I'm trying to remember that I didn't become this big in a month, or a year, or a decade. It took me 30 years to get into this condition, so it stands to reason that it's going to take at least two, and probably more, to get myself out of it.

    This may sound weird, but I'm seriously considering applying for a slot on "The Biggest Loser". I mean, I could lose 100 lbs. and still be heavy enough to be on the show (now THAT'S depressing!!). I've seen some of these folks who are larger than I am and/or in worse physical condition, and they somehow manage to get first I thought I'd never be able to survive the exercise sessions, but that was before I knew they had doctors and specialists who are continually assessing contestants and making sure they're healthy enough for vigorous activity.

    So..........anyone know how to make an audition DVD? I HATE being photographed or videotaped, but it's part of the process, and if I were ever to be on TV I'd better get used to the idea of being on display. It's just a thought, but I am definitely thinking, why NOT try? All I have to lose is weight...........
  3. by   TuTonka
    Welllllllllll welcome. I hope the advice you will receive will help you in your goals. Please feel free to holler out your successes it always brightens some ones outlook. Congrats.

  4. by   TuTonka
    Viva you can make a video with a phone if it has a video ability on it. Then you can transfer it to your puter and e-mail the whole thing to "The Biggest Loser.".
    Good luck.

  5. by   TuTonka
    Viva also keep a food diary and become a label reader. Also try eating how you normally eat but cut out 1/4 of the portion. Keep it in sight while you eat but pour pepper on it so you are not tempted to eat it. You will be amased at how much you will lose and also how much food you are NOT eating.

  6. by   RNAnnjeh
    Happy Friday, Friends!

    Just checking was "weigh day"....down 3lbs!! Just needed to share my happy with you guys. keep going.....:wink2:
  7. by   herring_RN
    My entire family eithers works on diet and exercise or becomes obese.
    Women after childbirth and men after age 35.
    I've been chubby since age 10.

    My "ideal" weight is 112 pounds. As an adult I've weighed between 125 and 155 pounds.

    I've been losing between zero and two pounds a week since June of last year.
    I decided to never again eat concentrated sweets (sugars and high glycemic index foods). I did very well from age 46 to 58, when my Daddy died. Kept my body fat less that 20% for years.

    The only advice I can give is to try to always have healthy food available. Take something with you everywhere.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from TuTonka
    Viva you can make a video with a phone if it has a video ability on it. Then you can transfer it to your puter and e-mail the whole thing to "The Biggest Loser.".
    Good luck.

    Now THAT is a great idea!! My phone just happens to have that feature, and of course I've got a computer, so that shouldn't be too hard. Thanks, TuTonka!

    I have to say, I've been at this long enough now that most of my cravings for fatty foods and sweets have all but disappeared. Now when I crave something, it's usually fruit or seafood..........not hamburgers and fries. I haven't eaten a slice of pizza or a piece of cake in weeks! And I don't really miss it, hallelujah! My energy levels are SO much better, and I know it isn't just because I've lost a few pounds; it's the better quality of food I've been eating. There is still a lot of room for improvement..........but considering that only a couple of months ago I was still going out for 3000-calorie meals and thinking nothing of wolfing down half a bag of Oreos, I've come a looooooooooong way.
  9. by   RNAnnjeh
    OK guys...I did it! I hit my first goal: 5% of starting weight lost!! Now..for the next 5%......
  10. by   RN1982
    Congrats. I lost 20 lbs since surgery. 34 lbs total if you include my pre-op weightloss. I totally belive I made the right decision.
  11. by   Big Smurf2007
    physicians weight loss is mainly lo-very lo carb and high protein with protein supplements. started on 800 cal * 4 days then 900 *4 days then 1000 cal - rest .... started at 234 # lost 5 # week so after 2 weeks lost 10 #---then went to olive garden adn havnt been on that since... i ahve to go down to 160.
    my cholest was 201 and trig like 362: 6 days unrelieved cp with echo finding a lv lesion. have hypothyroid and PCOS( md started me on metf for pcos) will see... but anyway u can get protein supplements and diets from a couple of sources:
    2. nashua
    supplements arent bad... gets expensive but works
    Good luck to all...
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Update, July 24, 2009: I HIT THE 50-POUND MARK YESTERDAY!!!!!

    Generally, I stay off the scales for weeks at a time, but for some reason, a lot of things have suddenly become a lot easier for me the past couple of weeks, e.g. climbing stairs, more stamina at work. So I hopped on the 'cattle scale' at work, and by golly, I was 307 lbs.

    Now, yes, that is still WAY heavy, but when you've been closer to 400 than 300, you feel positively svelte. I haven't been down this far in 5 years. And suddenly, everything that seemed hopelessly out of reach last fall is possible again.........I never thought I'd see the underside of 300 again, and now it's only eight pounds away! And if I can do THAT, who knows what else I can do, how far I can go?
  13. by   perfectbluebuildings
    aw yay! congratulations, that's AWESOME!!! :-) :-)