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Here's something a little different from the writer who usually brings you the funny top-10 lists. Recently, a good friend of mine I'll call "Viv"---an LPN who's worked at the same LTC for eight-and-a-half years---suddenly up... Read More

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    hi, yes,i am there!!! but what can i do if i can't do nursing??? i am willing to learn and i have many skills after being a nurse for 20 years...i tried home health and i liked it, BUT the summer heat was too much for me(old people like it HOT and can not afford a/c) i feel all used-up!!! like i have nothing left to give. can you think of something that i can do??? counciling sounds good but without an income, i am too scared to think...i am lookimg for work but i can not get unemployment...they said that i don't qualify...i have never been out of work before so i am lost. can you tell me who to call for help??? thanks

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    Quote from ICU1
    this post is the post that really gets to the heart of the problem that Nursing is facing and it only is going to get worse.

    management (I've been in management). Management at many places... totally lacks any imagination.(That's why I quit that job) New medicare law? Throw more paperwork at nurses (only now it's data entry) Many of us never thought when we went into nursing we would spend hours a shift at a computer. No matter what anyone tells you. Key strokes take longer than paper charting. Why do you think doctors don't type out their progress reports? Because they haven't been bullied into it.
    So throw more and more charting (data entry) at a nurse, and then complain to nurses that press ganey scores aren't high enough?
    Well GEEEEEE....I WONDER WHY? Here's my favorite...you have computers in the room to chart on, and then managament tells you not to act like the computer is the most important thing. lolololol. UNBELIEVABLE.

    And she also has a point about patients thinking they are at a hotel. For me it's not the majority of patients, not even close....but here's the problem. ONE of those patients can manipulate an entire shift.
    Ever been called into a room to move a pillow for a patient that's completely capable of moving themselves? Or, another one of my favorites...you ask they patient if there is anything else you can get for them, and they call you 5 minutes later for a milk.

    Look folks, it's pretty simple....it's all about money, it always is. Nurses are exploited, treated like children despite being highly skilled and/or experienced and unless they happen to work for good managers, have absolutely no say about patient loads that are dangerously heavy...or for that matter, have much say about anything. (Unless in a union)

    What's that all add up to? Danger for the nurse and unfortunately the one thing ironically, we are there to prevent, potentially dangerous outcomes for the patient that the nurse has not had the time to keep a closer eye on.

    And please don't bore me with the "negative attitude" lecture. I'm a realist...I also love being a nurse, but I know the deal.

    Nothing will change until Nurses function like Doctors. YOU group together and you CONTRACT with a hospital. YOU dictate safe acuity measures, YOU dictate break times. YOU work with hospitals to decide how best to produce patient satisfaction, and high productivity. Those are things that many if not all Unions don't even do.

    None of that means you won't be busy, but what it does is empower nurses...which translates to better patient care, better patient outcomes, happier nurses and happier patients.
    It's time to take control of the profession, as a country of nurses. Not a union here or there.
    Lives depend on it. That's why we are here.
    And I will say it again, it is ONLY going to get worse without MAJOR changes

    It's time to get bold. Think big and stop being battered from every side.
    This post is brilliant! My job that I have been at for 9 years,decided to go 2 computers. Im in homecare. I am not talking hand-held,small,nifty little devices,but large,heavy laptops. Not the sleek,light-weight laptops,but huge. So,in addition to seeing the pt.,we now have the added BS of carrying this T.V. size contraption in2 the home! really? And all the casemanagers,whom have not worked in the field with this,umm,thing(I dont even know what to call it,took it by a computer store and all the computer geeks were floored and wanted to weigh it and had never seen anything like it) have no idea,none,of the added work a keystroke as well as the crap this computer has caused! I have spoken up,I get looked at as though I should go live in the woods away from the world cuz I am nnot "up to date" with technology. So,I keep going down to the lowest amount of hours i can work to keep insurance,and this computer is still causing more work! I take care of people,I am a nurse,who takes care of me??????????? YOUR POST IS BRILLIANT!
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    I have not been a nurse very long 1.5 yrs. I work on a med/surge floor. It is an extremely tough floor to work. As I am told the worst floor in the hospital and possible in the county. I am already feeling burnt out according to the list provided and can't believe it. I generally think of myself as strong, though I know can be a push over. So to feel this way about a career that I thought I would love is frustrating and depressing. I feel so overwhelmed at times that I am afraid to try other aspects of nursing. I feel stuck. It seems if I can't do nursing here I will fail elsewhere as well. Any suggestions?
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    Quote from amdale
    I have not been a nurse very long 1.5 yrs. I work on a med/surge floor. It is an extremely tough floor to work. As I am told the worst floor in the hospital and possible in the county. I am already feeling burnt out according to the list provided and can't believe it. I generally think of myself as strong, though I know can be a push over. So to feel this way about a career that I thought I would love is frustrating and depressing. I feel so overwhelmed at times that I am afraid to try other aspects of nursing. I feel stuck. It seems if I can't do nursing here I will fail elsewhere as well. Any suggestions?
    Thats the curse of nursing. It sucks you in,you feel like a quitter,you feel you are a bad person if you want out of it! I have often imagined winning th lottery and thinking I would cry tears of joy if I never had to be a nurse again. Than this voice comes in my head,the voice goes like this "Oh,i would work maybe 2 days a week prn,or,I cant leave nursing completely" Thats the nursing curse. I am sure there have been studies on what I speak of. There has to have been. Florence Nightingale is probably rolling over in her grave d/t what nursing has become. you work on a tuff floor,you've put your year in,can you think of any other avenue of nursing you would like? You will not fail if you tried another area of nursing,your just in "the nursing curse"....and man oh man it can make you feel stuck. And maybe your afraid of trying another area of nursing cuz your so beat down by the med-surge floor? And,maybe your afraid of trying another area cuz u may realize you still dislike nursing all together and than what would you do? Thats part of the nursing curse. I see all these new grads,bright eyed,excited to "make a difference" only to see them disenchanted. You are not weak. You are strong! You are working in med/surge for crying out loud. DO NOT LET THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE NURSING CURSE MESS WITH YOU. It's hard,i know. When you did clinicals,do u recall any area of nursing that interested you the most?
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    Hi, sorry you are having a bad time, i do understand. before you give up...go back to school. i love bedside nursing but it is very very stressful. while you are thinking about school, consider going to ICU. they will train you and you will decide if you can do this emotionally and phyically draining job. ICU will teach you how to do what you love and you may fall in love with it...but school will give you the ability to grow in many other directions. good luck no matter what you decide. nursing is not a job...it has a life of its own...it will be who you are...it will influence everything you do.
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    Thanks for the support. I am shocked, horrified and somehow relieved to see I am not alone. Today I have updated my resume and began to look on line for new opportunities. I do like (love) some aspects of my nursing job. Spending time with my patients. Problem is there is so little time in 12 hours to actually spend with the pt. Yest. again my team consisted of 7 and I was charge as there was a very new and 2 pulled nurses on my floor. I realize that there has to be an area that I can excel in. I am thinking about hospice or maybe a Dr.'s office but I do like to be somewhat busy. Anyhow I am glad that I can share here and again appreciate the support and advice.
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    I became an RN in 1984. We didnt know about AIdS Computers or a h@#$ of alot of things but we took care of people and I happened to b a psyche Nurse for 25 years ages 2-102 and let me tell you Mental Health is STILL the JOKE of the medical world! If your heart, pancreas, liver,or any other organ can get sick WHY can't the BRAIN??? EASY because the sxs r behavioral!!!! noone likes failure especially DRS. Thats why if they cant figure it out its PSYCH! I have soooooo many stories of how they dismissed and even laughed at mental illness that turned out to b medical probs EVEN in the brain that people would NEVER believe!!!! BACKto burn out if u find your life spiralling out of control and ALLL your thoughts on the HORRIBLE things uv seen and heard all i can say is MOVE ON!!!! otherwise u pay the price with ur sanity and guess what? NOONE WILL CARE THATS UR jOB!!!! ALL IM SAYIN IS B CAREFUL!1!! CUZ NOONE WILL B THERE IN THE END
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    Hello everyone!

    I am doing a research paper on how much the emotional aspect of being a nurse conflicts with the professional aspect and how it impacts nursesí personal lives? I have a questionnaire to conduct my research. If any of you would be willing to participate it would be really helpful and appreciated! It's not long at all. thank you!
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    Quote from ebear
    Another GREAT post, Viva! I burned out long ago. Right now I'm not working and feel rather lost. What am I supposed to do after giving nursing 38 yrs? I feel as though I have been kicked to the curb for various reasons. What a kick in the gut...
    I felt real compassion for you after reading your post. Seems like you feel "lost" now that you are out of the nursing scene. The profession really grows on us and to a great extent defines who we are over the years. Nursing is like being in a marriage whether good or bad - you are always seen or referred to as Mr so and so wife. In the event of a divorce, whether you wanted it or not you experience untold grief and a sense of loss of identity in most cases.

    I worked on a Trauma Unit for years and was becoming so burnt out - I new it because I found myself hating the thought of going to work and being depressed the night before I go to to work, not only that but I was resenting the patients for no apparent reason. Subsequently, I transferred to Behavioral Health and love it.

    I have started making plans for what I want to do after I leave nursing or retire so I don't feel like I have sacrificed my years in a marriage only to be divorced after years of investing in it (I think this is exactly how it feels) although I have never been divorced or left my job abruptly or retire!

    If you are affiliated with a Church or a community club of some sorts, offer to do mini seminars or health education; or offer to plan a health fair ... anything that you can do to utilize your skill and experience while you do it. How about starting a Blog of some sorts utilizing your vast knowledge. If you go on line you will find step by step instructions plus everything else you'll need to start your project. All the best!
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    Im not too sure of what to make about the idea that dreaming of the lottery means you dont enjoy your job... Dont we do this in the shopping centre, whilst driving, on the way to the wife... Wondering what if???

    Well here is a interesting article I found regarding pay rates in the UK NHS and maybe if individuals when disheartened with their current position looked higher up the career ladder they may find A escape through ambition:


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