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CamillusRN specializes in OR, CVICU/CTICU.

I'm strongly of the opinion that the pursuit of knowledge is the answer to safe nursing practice, I'm constantly searching for opportunities and connections to enhance my education regarding the evolving role of the rural hospital in meeting the health care needs of the aging population. The dynamics of care delivery under the current healthcare regulations create a gap that many rural hospitals will not be able to bridge, and getting a better perspective on solutions to this growing concern is a high priority for me.

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  1. CamillusRN


    None taken. In full agreement here.
  2. CamillusRN


    Strictly for open hearts at my H+ the circulator gives no bedside report; it's all from the anesthesia staff. From my experience in a CT/CV ICU, I liked knowing exactly which vessels were bypassed 1) so I could give any consulting docs the info to earn brownie points and 2) pay special attention to the lead affected by the area of the heart supplied by the graft(s) - have based calling the surgeon on this criterion more than once with good outcomes. If I didn't get the bypassed vessels from the bedside report, they were clearly indicated in the post-op record so I'm not sure what the hubbub is about getting them verbally.
  3. CamillusRN

    Specialities in the Operating Room...

    CT/CV ICU, now CT/CV OR and ICU. Yeah, I'm a heart and vascular nerd ...
  4. CamillusRN

    Using both ports of central line

    Agreed. ABX infusions should be staggered, and you're right about the nephrotoxic ABX building on each other. High protein-binding abx like Ancef and Vanco both lower the renotoxic threshold, so giving them too close to each other can predispose acute renal failure. (Critical Care Nephrology, p 1690).
  5. CamillusRN

    Using both ports of central line

    Sounds like a facility policy issue. If I have an open port, I use it. Especially when handling drips that don't play nicely with the others. I've never heard of a port being dedicated solely for blood draws (unless we start talking about Swans, which I'm sure we're not).
  6. CamillusRN

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    My very last clinical rotation in the OR, same-day surgery center. Went to help the circulator and CRNA transfer the patient from the table to the cot but didn't notice that the IV tubing on my side of the patient had wrapped around some of the equipment. 1, 2, 3 - lift and out came the peripheral line! I put pressure on the site with a mortified look on my face while the other two laughed and seamlessly put in a new IV. Thankfully the patient was still fast asleep and the PACU nurse had a great sense of humor. Now whenever I go to do anything with a patient, that's one of the first things I check!
  7. CamillusRN

    CNA/Patient Ratios in ICUs

    My CVICU follows the model that elkpark has experienced - no techs, just total care by RN's.
  8. CamillusRN

    nursing care for chest tube of cabg patient

    All of the CT surgeons I work with in my CVICU strongly encourage stripping mediastinal tubes on a fairly frequent basis. One of them enjoys educating the rest of the staff - he pulled up several nasty post-op CXR's showing pulmonary effusions/edema and specifically linked the complications to failure to strip the tubing. Milking the tubes is good practice, but stripping them may better prevent clot formation. HOWEVER: definitely check your facility's policy on care of chest tubes before taking what we say on AllNurses into practice.
  9. CamillusRN

    Plan B!

    Medical school - yes, that career would have been my second choice.
  10. CamillusRN

    You are NOT allergic to...

    Allergic to oxygen: "It makes my nose dry"
  11. CamillusRN

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Hgb 2.3 . . . "You're looking a little pale . . ."
  12. CamillusRN

    This week, I learned..... (6/6/15)

    I, too, have learned to be careful explaining monitor readings to patient's family members. They start to sound like a very impatient, nagging physician I used to know. Minus the med school knowledge. And common sense.
  13. CamillusRN

    Would you file a complaint?

    Unacceptable on the part of the staff. But with your 20+ years of experience in emergency care, you're the best judge of when to make out a complaint. Either way, I'm sorry you had such a poor experience.
  14. CamillusRN

    whats for lunch

    It's that 5 minutes of freedom that you get every 8th shift, provided it's not during a full moon and the alignment of Jupiter and Venus are complete. According to my lunar calendar, I should be able to get a lunch break on the last day of May. High hopes.
  15. CamillusRN

    whats for lunch

    LOL - and yes they are! We'd love to have you join us!
  16. CamillusRN

    8 hr Night Shifts

    Pretty much this. I like working 12's because it's what suites my lifestyle, but the three back-to-back twelves don't leave a lot of time for life to happen. Sure, I have more time during the week, but things get put on hold between my shifts.

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