Six weeks out - never been so happy

  1. 29 I quit my job six weeks ago. I hated every second of that job. The day I walked out, I felt like I had finally come up for air. Nearly a years worth of anger, anxiety, and frustration ended in that walk to the parking lot. It took two weeks to loose the knot in my stomach. Three weeks to start sleeping well at night again. Four weeks to be able to stop and truly enjoy the moments I shared with my family and friends. Five weeks to realize my job does NOT define me, and I have CHOICES! Six weeks to smile and say with confidence that I am ready to start my new job. Tomorrow is my last day of unemployment. In the last six weeks I have found peace and have finally let it go. I don't have any more anger about what happened, or how things ended. It just was. And now it's over. And I smile knowing I am free.
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    Congratulations!! I know exactly what you feel, I was there too. Some places are just toxic and there is nothing you can do but to leave it behind. Just let it go... and it feels great to be alive again.
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    "To thine self be true" have gained some definition, now live your truth.
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    2 1/2 more weeks and i too will be leaving a job that has made me angry and frustrated. Woking night shift. Can't wait to get my sleep pattern and life back.

    Congrats to you.
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    Been there, done that, never regretted it for a second. Good for you!! Wishing you the best in your new adventure.
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    In my debt collector days, I'd get this terrible shoulder pain. I was so happy to quit that job.

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    Quote from dansamy
    In my debt collector days, I'd get this terrible shoulder pain. I was so happy to quit that job.

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    Sorry for hanging up on you mid-sentence.
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    I know the feeling!!! Congrats on the new job! What a difference a change in setting and people makes.
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    Best of luck in your new job.�� You will never regret your decision to leave a job that was robbing you of the life you deserve!
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    Quote from LYNDAA
    Sorry for hanging up on you mid-sentence.
    I preferred the hangups to the vile cursing.

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    There seems to be so many posts like this lately. Maybe I should have left nursing too, what a relief you must feel!

    Best of luck to you.
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    SO happy for you! I hope I can find the same peace soon!
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    Funny, this is how I felt after leaving home care. Know the feeling. My anxiety level was through the roof! I felt as if I was being tortured throughout the process. Good luck on your future endeavors. I'm looking to leave the field all together, but we'll see...

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