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I see a lot of people starting threads about how much they hate their jobs. In fact, I think I see a lot more people on here complaining about their careers than being thankful that they have a job in the economic circumstances.... Read More

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    For me, it is the fact that I have 10 things that I need to get done at a time because of the chronic understaffing night shift has to deal with, which in turn, leads to burnout, stress, and fatigue from being overworked.

    The facility is frustrating because it's hard to do your job when the computers that are much too old keep freezing, and we are out of stock of the things we need.

    Patients are demanding and they expect way too much. It is so unrealistic the amount of things a nurse is expected to do and the amount of things we need to take responsibility for.

    I like the things that nurses are supposed to do and if we had enough, supplies, enough staff for numbers and acuity, and patients treated nurses like normal humans rather than slaves, I would be much for satisfied.
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    -Is it burnout? I would say in time, yes. No one likes to be abused constantly, and it eventually comes to this.

    -Is it the facility itself ? I can't say personally, but it seems to be a common complaint on here( acute care,LTC) so I would have to say no.They all suck.

    -Is it other staff members? Again, same complaints, different locations- so yes, but I assume when everyone is stressed out, that's what happens over time.

    [COLOR=#000000]-Is it patients? Sometimes no, but mostly yes, due to this generation of customer service over healthcare. Also the me me me attitudes- when you have other patients who have the gall to complain to you that their pillow isnt fluffed( ok maybe I am being slightly facetious) because you were, oh, in with a CODE.See how long you last with that kind of treatment day in and day out. [/COLOR]
    Is it the demanding work life? Hmmm, I LOVE hauling 450 pd people up in bed, Drs being rude, families being rude, old people who WONT stay in bed( and subsequently fall, break a hip , and it's YOUR FAULT) Screamers( demented folks) who make your other patients angry, who take it out on you.... Oh, I could go on, but will spare you.

    Is it the lack of work/pleasure balance? Hmmm working all three shifts with in a week time frame, the lack of sleep that goes with that,every other weekend. 12 hour shift in reality is a 14 hour shift with no break, and if you have 2 of these back to back, you spend the next day recuperating. There is no ability to have a balance. You become property of the hospital.
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    Where do I begin!
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    I think the nature of the culture we live in makes nursing more stressful now than it has ever been.

    There's the entitlement mentality. (everyone thinks they or their family is a VIP)

    There's the wimp mentality. (it's unacceptable to be in pain, or even discomfort, for even a minute)

    There's the litigious mentality. (nurses didn't have malpractice insurance when my grandma was a nurse)

    There's the "let's restructure everything based on the management theory-of-the-week" mentality. ("Why don't we spend a million dollars on some flashy new comities and vision statements, rather than hiring new staff?")

    But, still, I think job satisfaction is possible in nursing. I'm satisfied. And I'm grateful to be gainfully employed in a bad economy.
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    Is it burnout?
    Is it the facility itself?
    Is it other staff members?
    Is it patients?
    Is it the demanding work life?
    Is it the lack of work/pleasure balance?

    What is it that gets so many nurses on here complaining about their careers?

    I love being a nurse. I do. But nursing isn't just about being a nurse. It's being in a team and sometimes you just don't like the teammates you're with.

    As a nurse, we are the advocates for our patients and the bridge to each and every other discipline related to their care. It means taking to PT, OT, ST, multiple MDs and others.

    It's frustrating. Imagine asking a doctor for an order, him telling you that's not his specialty and you should ask dr. blah-blah. Even if it's a universal order as simple as stool softener or a diet order.

    You are green. You probably haven't seen the ugly side of the profession. It takes tough skin to fight for your patients. And as a nurse, you don't always win these battles. In fact, you may lose more than you win.

    At the end of the day, what gets me through is knowing I did what I can to the extent of my ability as a nurse. I guess that's the only job satisfaction we ever really need... it's knowing within us that we did what was necessary for our patients.

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    I'm offended by people who have never been nurses or worked in nursing that complain about those who are struggling and actually work as nurses! I find it funny that so many want to work in a hospital and yet the new grads that do are the first ones to run back to school to become something else as soon as they find out what its all about!

    The majority of the new grads are back in school ASAP for NP, MSN, whatever it takes to get away from bedside hospital nursing! Don't condemn those of us still working in the trenches! The problem is that outside of the state of CA there is no limit to how many patients a nurse can have! On top of that we are expected to do everyone elses job ie CNA, PCA, HUC, housekeeping. How many people don't even get a real lunch break because of the insane working conditions in most hospitals today!

    I for one am tired of being expected to do everyone elses job! Mine is more than enough! Also I'm tired of being injured because of the weight of patients and lack of lift equipment. We need ceiling lifts to move many patients safely! Too many of my coworkers are living in constant pain because of the job. So spare me your self righteous attitude!
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    I work in a hospital (currently CNA/nursing student, so yes, I'm also green) and the majority of the floors seem to have pretty happy nurses. Things I see at my hospital that I don't hear a lot about on the boards are nurses really advocating for each other's dinner breaks and offering help when someone is swamped. Nurse managers care a lot about nurses having enough time to sit down and eat (research shows it leads to fewer errors) as well as having no tolerance for bullying and negative relationships. The culture of the place has really strong values of 'managing up' (i.e. always speaking highly of one another) and being friendly to each other. "How are you doing? Do you need any help?" is a common question, both among nurses and also back and forth between CNAs and nurses.
    There is a huge effort to do things safely with two or three people and lift equipment such that there are few to no staff or pt injuries. It's also a place where the nurses are ok with the fact that patient experience is important. We have vigil trays and lots of support for families when a loved one is at the end, and find time to make people feel safe and comfortable. I know that some nurses on these boards feel that's not important for our jobs, but I'm happy to work for a place that values that. Most common complaints of staff seem to be about scheduling or not getting the holidays you wanted, but overall, most of that seems to work out.

    Needless to say, retention is high and it's very hard to get a job there. Needless to say, those aren't the nurses posting loudly here. But they do exist.
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    I graduated in 1978 & over the years I've seen many, many changes in nursing. In all these years I've only had 1 job where I wasn't satisfied but that had more to do with administration than the job itself. Most of my jobs were on general Peds floors where, if we were lucky, we had 2 nurses & 2 aides for 25-30 patients on night shift. Because this is the sort of nurseatient ratio I was used to from the start, it never bothered me. However, if I was to go back into hospital nursing now I don't think I'd be able to handle that.
    It seems today that most of the complaints I hear from other nurses (aside from ratios) relate to administration & how they try to micromanage every aspect of nursing in facilities.
    I love what I do & wouldn't trade this profession for any other. I've been doing private duty Peds home care for 6 years now (the past 5 have been with the same patient) on night shift. I have no managers watching over my shoulder or telling me how I should be doing my job. The only times I see my supervisor is twice a year when I have to go to the office for "competencies". Otherwise, I only communicate with her if there are problems. I love the patient & family I work with because they're very easygoing & they know I'm competent so as soon as I get there the parents go upstairs to bed.
    My satisfaction comes from knowing at the end of every shift that I've made a difference in my patient's day & knowing I'll be going back again the next night.
    I don't think I'll ever go back to hospital nursing because of some physical problems that would keep me from being able to "run the halls". I also don't want to have to be involved in all the b******t that goes on in hospital nursing.
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    I want to address your original question about whether job satisfaction is possible in nursing:

    While there are possibly more pitfalls in nursing than other fields, I believe its saving grace is that one is more likely to find TRUE job satisfaction here than in other fields. There are many, many rewards.

    I imagine that you'd have to dig a little deeper to find true satisfaction selling lightbulbs, for example. (I say that bc I have a friend in that career and he *loves* it.. but he's special)
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    One thing I don't like about my job, is feeling so tired on my days off!
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