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Do people take your efficiency as you're lazy. Lol. I'm too good at this, tho and I think that is why this Job is affecting me so harshly. 3 hours into my shift, my assessments, documenting, and... Read More

  1. by   Orion81RN
    I think the down time you have could be better spent helping a nurse who's struggling, and help teach her/him your efficiency skills so they can get better and more efficient. This will have the added benefit of people not thinking you're lazy, and quite the opposite, look up to you. Share your knowledge fellow nurse!
  2. by   joanna73
    Helping co-workers is great, but if someone is arriving late often, or falling behind because they take extended breaks, the Charge nurse should be alerted. Let them deal with that, as it is a performance issue. I will often help my coworkers, and the help is reciprocated. However, I have no interest helping someone who is chronically late or lazy. We all have a job to do.
  3. by   amygarside
    It is sad that some people would quickly jump to conclusion. Just because you are sitting down is already perceived as laziness. What if you are a fast worker? Nurses do not necessarily have to be on their feet all the time. Well, there will be people who will view you negatively whether you like it or not.
  4. by   jadelpn
    I would offer to take another patient at report, or the first admit. I too have good time management, and am hyper organized. Sometimes the best laid plans do not come out as I would like them to, but able to roll with it, and retask myself, but that is the exception and not the rule. I would also offer to assist the aides with showering or bedbathing your patients, make sure you are on top of turning and repositioning every 2 hours for your total care patients, and you are printing up patient education and going over it with them. Assessing and re-assessing pain--all of that is important as well, and yes, night shift is different, but you should at least eyeball your patients every hour as opposed to just vitals and meds and you are all set.

    If you find your floor not to be challenging enough, see about floating to the ER or IV team, rapid response team, or somewhere where you would feel constantly challenged and busier. Or to take on a project for the unit that you could do in your down time.
  5. by   Hygiene Queen
    I'm always hoping my laziness will be mistaken for efficiency.
  6. by   Nurselightsey
    Wow, you sound like me. Been an LPN for 17yrs and was always talked about because I had great time management skills.....
  7. by   Nurselightsey
    wow, maybe you are assuming they dont finish their job, I believe that if someone is not doin their job fully, it will be found out, I dont have to even speak on it!! especially when its not my place to judge
  8. by   DrTinz
    There's too much focus on activity and not enough attention paid to results. When I speak to and consult with organizations about energizing their workforce and increasing productivity I stress this.

    Workaholics aren't addicted to work; they're addicted to activity.

    We should be striving for efficiency, not busyness.
  9. by   anotherone
    Well I work nights and some shifts are easy. many are not! i am pretty efficient but i come in and get 2-3 admissions , or worse!, needy post ops. constant ringing, pain and nause meds, vitals that need to be reported, insulin drils, have had wounds that literally take 1hr to change (often enough). turn and repos and cdiff incontinent pts. on and on and on. oh now someone threw up and needs assist witha partial bed bath, now another one's bp is 70/45. this stuff is a pretty typical shift. i work med surg and we get 5-6pts. and have had 4 admissions in one shift many times
  10. by   anotherone
    Also , where i work at least, some people do routinely get easy assignments. some get hard assignments. and it is fully intentionally, many comment on giving the less competent nurses the easier pts. said people seem really smug
  11. by   anotherone
    Also , where i work at least, some people do routinely get easy assignments. some get hard assignments. and it is fully intentionally, many comment on giving the less competent nurses the easier pts. said people seem really smug. sitting there at the desk with all meds and everything done for 4 walkie talkies when noone else has an assignment like that. but give them a fair assignment and they will cry and b#%^* nonstop.
  12. by   gloryfied
    @beckyboo1 rubbed you the wrong way? that could be taken so many other ways, and you took it how you saw it, just like BrandonLPN took it how he saw it, and just like I wrote it how i saw it when i was saying it. lol. Please, if your close minded, you will only take it one way and one way only.
  13. by   gloryfied
    @ Joanna73 That is my point. I have worked here long enough to know who would chat up for the half of the shift, and run around like a chicken with their head cut off. My point is, if I come to work and put aside the priority of socializing to get my work done, is that fair for you to sip coffee with your legs crossed all night, simply expecting a nurse to do half your job in the morning with you, because they are finished on time, and you are not.

    I can't hold myself responsible for other nurses who continuously do the same thing. it's like you've helped them 10 times, for now they think , you'll always step in.

    It's good to sit back at times, so they can feel the heat sometimes. I think .