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I'm an INFJ through and through. And if you're not into personality typing; I'm an introvert; to further break it down: I Need My Me time! Even more so through so much chaos during a shift. Any other introverts out there? What... Read More

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    During the shift, I find that I do a lot of internal counting. I still wear the mask of the attentive, caring nurse, but in my head I slowly count to ten. This gives me the mental space to prioritize the social demands of the moment. No matter how stressful the situation, no matter how many people are competing for your attention right NOW, the moment will pass. If this doesn't help, the linen closet is always a refreshing place for a quick thirty second break from the demanding chaos. Also, day shift is too much for me. Too much.
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    Quote from Ireanne
    Also, day shift is too much for me. Too much.
    Day shift is a bit much for me, too. I know that night shift is more difficult to work when one has a family life or active social situation, but I prefer working night shift to maintain my sanity. Day shift feels like organized chaos to me. There are way too many people with far too many demands during daylight hours, and I feel as if I am being pulled in multiple directions.
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