I can't sleep!!!

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    So I worked my first night shift last night, 7pm to 7 am. It all was well while I was working (thanks to the coffee and red bull ) but as soon as I got home I just wasn't tired anymore!! So I had a quick bite and just laid in bed until I finally fell asleep around 930 but then I woke up at 2 pm and could not fall back asleep I have black out curtains but is there anything else I can do to help me sleep? What do you guys do? I work again tonight and I'm scared of becoming a zombie . Please and thanks!

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    Not so much coffee and Red Bull will help. Seriously.
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    If you must drink the "juice" then make sure you drink plenty of water as well.
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    Seriously? You drank Red Bull and coffee and you want to know why you can't sleep?

    I just drink water.
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    I'm sure your body will adjust to the time change. Try not to rely on too many stimulants. Personally I sip on 5 hour energy but drink lots of water too. Caffeine bonds to water (hence the whole caffeine makes you pee a lot thing) and you'll get rid of it more quickly.
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    When I work nights, I'll have a coffee or 2 at the BEGINNING of my shift, but nothing more than water or regular juice after the 1/2 way point.

    If you have a medscape account (free!) check out this CME/CE on Night Shift Syndrome. I found it eye opening (and well, helped my shut-eye too) after I read it. I saw what I was doing wrong in terms of my sleep hygeine.

    Last edit by jmdRN on Apr 10, '13 : Reason: would help if I put the link in... wouldn't it? :p
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    I keep a bottle of ZzZquil next to my bed for "those" kind of nights. I swear they made that stuff just for me lol. I swing back and forth between 2nds and 3rds constantly so my body never knows when to sleep =/
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    Stop drinking red bull. That stuff is awful. Drink more water. Lay off any caffinated beverages after 0200.
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    Thank you!

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