Fitness and nursing

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    Hey kids. So my pondering is how many of you play a sport/hit the gym before and/or after work?

    I'm a solid build and only 5'7" so I tend to play basketball during the week and hit the gym for a few hours on the weekends. I find it keeps me sharp, fit and my dexterity levels at an optimum level. I'm looking to get a professional level ( NBL, AFL etc ) fitness instructor.

    I tend to play hoops in the morning and then hit the court after work, good stress reliever
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    after 13 hr nights? almost never!!!!maybe once or twice but only when i didnt have to go back for more work that night. when working 12.5 hrs my priority is to go home and sleep. nothing comes close , not eating or exercising. if i have to go back in to work , i sleep 930am or so to 5 pm. i have gone to the gym before working 11p to 730am but i dont work that shift any more. i only go to the gym when i have the night off.
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    Hey there- when I was on nights I would workout before I went into work. It would help wake me up and get me ready to get thru the long hours... I have a group of nurse friends still on nights and we all do Crossfit at 4pm. I love it, it's a good workout as long as your smart with pushing yourself. Usually finish with 30/45 min. Hope that helps.
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    I listen to my body. When I worked night shift there were days that I woke up early and was done sleeping; I'd work out and it was fine. Now that I work day shift I sleep until my alarm goes off and really don't want to get up early to work out. Going after work is pointless since I have very little energy and my feet hurt. I'm trying to just be okay with working out on my four days off.
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    My job IS my workout!
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    I exercise during my days off, but don't on the days that I work. I guess I feel too lazy before and after working. I know of at least one nurse who works out for about an hour before work; I wish I could be more like this!
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    What is this fitness of which you speak?
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    Quote from GrnTea
    What is this fitness of which you speak?
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    I always work out on the days I'm off. I work night shift and there is no way I could work out right before or after my shift!.
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    I train with weights 4-5 days per week and I also do 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily. Also, living in San Francisco, I do a fair amount of daily walking as well.
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