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    I have an embarrassing problem, but I'm sure other nurses can relate. On some especially busy nights when I'm sweating and running around, my thighs chafe so badly they blister and I can't even sit comfortably. At first I thought it was my underwear so I tried a boy short style which just made it worse since the fabric kept riding up. I found a product called Lanacaine which dose help to a certain degree. I think my next step is going to try compression bike short that are designed for runners. Any other suggestions?
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    There are many anti-chafing lotions on the market. I've never tried the lanacane brand, but a lot of althetes use Bodyglide. There is also a product called Luvees ( that might be worth trying. Good luck.
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    I suffer from the same problem. I have found that buying a size up in pants has helped. I am able to pull them up a little higher putting fabric between my thighs so they dont rub as much. I also do a soak in Epsom salt after a really long day and apply powder between my legs. I helps a whole lot!
    Good Luck
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    I am a runner, and we use stick deodorant. It essentially does the same as BodyGlide. Might give it a shot. I love the compression shorts, and have found it best to wear them without undies, as they are designed to be worn.
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    We use the highest grade isolation gowns so the thickest ones you can get with a thick moisture repellent layer, Everyone hates them b/c it is like wrapping yourself up with saran wrap. So yes I get it...I just use the stick secret great. There is also a product called "certain dry" that I found . It actually shrinks the sweat glands and you use it at night and they also sell an am refresher to use as well.all I can say is that stuff works so well I could not believe it.
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    I would reccomend a thin layer of either baby powder with cornstarch to keep you dry or Gold bond powder. They both will keep you dry and prevent friction.
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    Looser draw string scrub pants--mens scrub pants work for me, or one size larger in the "classic" scrub pants. And cotton fabric--or as close to cotton as you can get. And believe it or not, mens boxers. Also cotton. I go comfort over style any day of the week. As long as they look neat. Gold Bond has a lotion as well--may stay longer than powder. Deoderant is good, but can be irritating to the skin.
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    Body Glide.

    In my ER we call this problem the "chub rub"