Anyone doing Curves?

  1. I'm thinking about joining Curves For Women. I will be going past it with my new job, so it will be convenient. I recently tried out some different classes at the "Y" too, but my fitness level was not ready for those I tried. BUT...I DID keep moving, even though I couldn't do all the movements. My thighs are really strong and I do some free weights for upper body, but my balance is awful and flexabiliy poor. Also, osteoarthritis in my knees. Wow, I sound like a mess, but love to walk, do my mini-stepper, sometimes my treadmill, whatever, usually 5-6 times weekly. I also think I could benefit from a yoga class. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    If you regard yourself as an exercise 'novice,' then Curves would be good for you. The circuit-style workout speeds up your metabolism by causing you to build lean muscle tissue. Since muscle tissue is metabolically more active than adipose tissue, you end up losing weight and gaining a healthier-looking physique. This circuit workout entails time-efficient strength training on various machines while keeping your heart rate elevated for a mild-to-moderate intensity aerobic workout.

    However, the drawback to Curves is that you'll grow out of it in less than a year. You cannot adjust the weight on the weight machines, so the weights will feel too light as you become stronger and more conditioned. For example, if you are doing squats on the leg machine with 50 pounds of weight, you'll soon need to increase it to 60 pounds, then 70, and so on, to reach your goals. Curves machines are not adjustable in this manner.
  4. by   prinsessa
    I did Curves right after I had my son and I loved it. I lost all of my "baby weight" and then some. I felt muscles in my butt for the first time in a long time. I had to quit though because the hours there are too strange.
    btw, if any of the machines start to get too "easy" just do them faster. You can also do other exercises (besides walking) on the platforms between machines to kick it up a notch.
  5. by   KellNY
    I don't do curves because I don't agree with where the owner/ceo (whatever the business title is) donates some of the profits, so I wouldn't feel right having my money go there.

    BUT, I did a local prgram very similar for a short time with good results. Everything was personalized as much as it could have been (same machines, diff weights, reps, etc). Unfortunately, I had surgery and just never went back when I was all better, then I moved away.

    Maybe I'll look into finding another similar local program in my new neighborhood. God knows I could use it! (PS-the local ones are often cheaper, and you're supporting a small business not a corporation. I know that matters to some people)

    Yoga (with the right instructor) is AWESOME! Where I did it, they warmed the room (helped with warming the muscles) and made the lights very dim...actually they were off, with soft white christmas kinda lights around the border of the room, so people weren't self conscious. The instructor offered at least 2 variations of poses for different skill/flexibility levels, alternates for those with back/knee/neck issues. It was great. We every type of student-from a chubby 18 year old to a slim but stiff 64 year old, to a tattooed biker looking dude in his 40s.
  6. by   sirI
    I just joined the end of last week. Will be doing this very early in the mornings.
  7. by   iwanna
    Funny, I was just checking into Curves, today. I am going to call for a free trial day. I am not working now, so the hours are not a problem. But, they do have some odd hours. They take a lunch break for an hour and a half. I think they open at 7 and close at noon, then reopen at 2:30 and I believe she said they close at 6 or 7 in the evening. Currently, I am on disablity, but want to do strength training. I hope to be returning to work by the end of the year. I have not worked in three years, but my condition seems to be controlled now.
    I like the idea of Curves being a women only facility. I joined a local gym last week. But, I felt very self conscious with guys around. I am only about 5-10 pounds overweight. However, I am now 50 and notice how my skin is starting to wrinkle and sag. Hopefully, some exercise will tighten up my wrinkles. lol.
    But, I was not too pleased with the gym I just joined. I had some young kid show me waht to do. I used to work about 12 years ago. I can remember doing some warm up exercises. I asked the kid about what type of warm up should I do. He said that I would be fine with just using the treadmill before I worked out on machines. But, I was so sore for days afterwards. I don't remember being that sore before when I worked out. I understand you can feel somewhat sore, but I was really aching. And, another turn off was the sweat on the machines. I can remember the gym I went to years ago having disinfectant spray and requesting clients to clean after use. So, I am definitely in the market for a new gym. I hope Curves will be the answer. I have one about 2 miles from me.
  8. by   nurseaboveboard
    Hi all. Couldn't get back for awhile, but just read your posts. Thanks! I'm not exactly an exercise novice, but think I need something more well rounded, so do plan to check out Curves and/or maybe a wellness center in my area, both close to where I'll be working. Yes, I have heard that after a while, you "grow out of curves" because you get too used to it, but I'm thinking it will be a good change and add to what I already do. Well, we will see. I agree that yoga can be awesome, but there are different kinds. I am interested in something to stretch, lengthen, tone, improve flexibility, etc., but not too demending, maybe to go along with Curves? Could just be a DVD to do at home, but would have to start slow. I have through Nov. to take advantage of the special at Curves, but will do the free week first to see what I think. Oh my gosh, LOL, I just now heard this news story about a drunk women that allows her 5 yr old son to drive her when she's drinking. "Yes, but he's a good driver." Sounds like some of my growing up stories! Lord, how did some of us survive???? Oh, I just edited this to add one more thing for the poster who didn't like where some of the curves profits go? Where do they go?
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  9. by   Chaya
    Curves has worked out really well for me in general. I started 3 years ago after finishing radiation for breast cancer. I wanted a good general workout to build back some strength and endurance, to take off some fat to possibly lower my risk of recurrance and to feel better about my body image in general. After a while it did become kind of easy for me but I have since developed some knee problems so this is a good level of activity for me right now. I find I can stick with it which has been the major obstacle for me in excercising. I like that you change stations every 30 seconds so there is never a bottleneck at the one machine you still need to do like at a conventional gym. I don't like that they close in the early afternoon as that would be when I would prefer to work out. I've also heard from an orthopedic acquaintance that clients frequently get hurt because supervision is loose but haven't seen this to be any worse than a conventional gym. When I was in really good shape I used the Curves workout as a basic 3X/ wk workout and added in other activties like biking or skating 2-3 times a week in addition. One bonus was that I developed the endurance to really enjoy these activites and not get so tired and winded plus I was able to keep up with walking tours when we traveled on vacation.
  10. by   nurseaboveboard
    Above poster KellNY was concerned about where some of the Curves profits go, but didn't elaborate. Does anyone know? Well, I HAVEN'T joined yet, but it's good thing because right now my hours in my new job aren't jiving too well with curves hours. I think their special runs through November yet, so we'll see. Currently, I'm still alternating walking outside, doing my mini-stepper and upper body free weights. Also, since I started my new job 9/4/07, I'm really trying to watch what I eat even more, thinking about what I put in my mouth, etc. I do NOT want to be part of the American obestity epidemic (any more than I ALREADY contributed when I topped out at 179 pounds, after my sister died). Plus, we're lucky to get 15-30 minutes, so yogurt, fruit, etc., easy and quick to eat, fairly nutritious. I am currently 148-150 pounds and kinda stuck there, but it's an ongoing process. Congrats to others struggling with these issues, but really trying.
  11. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from nurseaboveboard
    Above poster KellNY was concerned about where some of the Curves profits go, but didn't elaborate. Does anyone know?
  12. by   Chaya
    The owner/ manager of our local Curves says that there is a lot of leeway in what the individual franchise older can contribute to. She organizes a food drive about once a year, collecting about a dozen wash-tub sized bins of non-perishable items for a local food bank. We have donated prom gowns to an area dry cleaner where they are cleaned and sent to their regional center to be distributed to teens who cannot afford to buy a prom dress. Our Curves has also sponsored numerous walkers for Heart Disease and Cancer.
  13. by   deeDawntee
    I joined Curves and really liked it for about 1 month. Then it became just too boring. It became very monotonous to jump on then off those machines every minute. The hours of operation were too short for my night job and sleep schedule. Unfortunately they make you sign a year contract, so I paid for a lot of months I didn't use. FRUSTRATING!!!
  14. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from deeDawntee
    I joined Curves and really liked it for about 1 month. Then it became just too boring. It became very monotonous to jump on then off those machines every minute. The hours of operation were too short for my night job and sleep schedule. Unfortunately they make you sign a year contract, so I paid for a lot of months I didn't use. FRUSTRATING!!!
    Same with me!! I had to sign a year contract, went for like the first 4 months, and then got tired of it.

    And I feel so bad because they keep taking money out each month, and I never go, what a waste!

    I really should try to go back.