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Hi All, I am curious as to what a competitive applicant has for an ATI TEAS score, GPA, prereqs. I understand the minimum TEAS was 78, but it has been temporarily lowered to 65. Obviously, the higher the scores the better,... Read More

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    She has all that cna and all co-req completed.

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    Is it October yet? This wait tho...
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    Lol. Almost half way through September. I saw someone on here say they received something around mid-October. So one more month. Sooo long!
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    Yeah, I saw that too. It was for the Spring 2012 cohort. I'm rooting for a late September surprise!
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    Sorry for the late response, but I didn't get an alert that you had responded. I would say around Sep 11th, I got another letter saying that the nursing department had received everything that was required, so that is a good sign. I, too, hope the results come out sooner rather than later.

    Do you have a Bachelors, yet? If so, have you looked into the MEPN program at UHM?
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    Yes I have a bachelors but looking at the MEPN its very intense and fast. I am not currently in health care so I kinda want to take it slower to learn and practice. It would be nice to pop out of there in two years with a Masters but I was also looking at the investment in time with a young one its not something I think would be best for me now.

    Second thing that turned me off of the MEPN is that the NP is going to a Doctor of Nursing requirement before I would graduate basically putting me on the hook to go another two years more even if the cohort got grandfathered which I havent heard happening. So we'll see.

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    I hadn't heard that NP was going to doctor of nursing- good thing to know.
    I find it a little odd that out of 3 programs I am considering (1. KCC ADN 2. UH BSN and 3. UH MEPN) the one with the most requirements for me is the ADN (they do not accept accept any of my upper level writing classes or language classes), followed by the BSN, and the easiest prereqs are for the MEPN.
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    How are you guys holding up? Almost the end of September!
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    WOW! this tread really picked up! I love reading through everything.. im not the only one going crazy waiting for the letters to arrive. Any day now.. kinda.. no close enough! Rockinitfreshawaii- did you apply to UH too? And do you have experience in the medical field?
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    That would be nice if they published the results early.
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