Women in Combat Arm's Units

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    This group has a very unique perspective in that the majority of military nurses are women and also that, well your women. Males nurses as well have a unique perspective in that you already service members.

    Very curious on any strong thoughts on the pro's and con's of this new regulation that is being put in place. Thoughts?

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    It's not a new regulation; it's simply a lifting of the arbitrary ban that has been in place for many years, and opening the discussion about this. The different branches of the service have time and leeway to decide how to implement changes.
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    Having been an infantryman, forward observer, and military policeman prior to being a nurse, I've come to the conclusion that the quality of "hard working" cannot be limited based on sex. I've seen two hundred pound men, made of pure muscle, who lacked the mental toughness of sub-hundred pound women. If the military is a meritocracy, then everyone should be given the chance.

    In all reality, the number of women who will seek out combat arms will be very small. I foresee, just like the lifting of segregation and DADT, that the overall impact will be neglible.
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    I'm all for it.
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    Quote from Cursed Irishman
    Having been an infantryman, forward observer, and military policeman prior to being a nurse.
    That's a bit of a journey leading to becoming a nurse. With that background, what inspired you to become a nurse?
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    I graduated with a BS in criminal justice and discovered that guys with my qualifications are a dime a dozen. I then saw my sister's paycheck as a nurse and recognized that I could make a decent living and have an exceptional quality of life by entering healthcare.
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    I think it will be a far bigger deal to the media than those who are in uniform....just like DADT.
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    I have seen plenty of females in combat/99% were MP's. They always seemed to pull their weight, and many have been in heavy combat. That being said, I can definitely see it being a problem. Not only in a sexual nature of course. Though that will definitely be a problem. I was a 13F during the invasion, and after and served with many females who were outstanding. Just like the male side of things there were dirtbags too though. Some of the problems I see could be, pregnancy while deployed. What if your unit has for example 2 female platoon sergeants in an infantry unit, they become pregnant. That can become a problem. Of course one that could be fixed by covering down, but I hope you see my point. With all that being said, I am still 100% percent for the barrier to be broken down and for females to have their fair shake. The most disciplined meanest NCO I ever met was a chow hall NCO, she was literally the meanest person I have met. lol.
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    The only issue I see if in a fire fight and a male gets shot, how would the female be able to drag him out of harms way? When you're out there, you are wearing a ton of gear. I would rather know the person I am with will be able to get me out of harms way if I get injured.

    Also, since the military is making things equal amongst the sexes, some people have commented that females should have the same physical fitness test requirements as the men to make things really equal. I know this would be a tough sale since we know women are not made like men but the overal gist is that men don't want standards lowered to make things easier for females.

    I have been here in Afghanistan for 5 months now with 1 more month left and I can say, many of the females here have been a distraction for most of the men here. There have been instances of sexual relations amongst members that are both married while their spouses are back at home. Females have been sent home due to becoming pregnant here, which means they have to be sent home and another person in their unit has to be tasked to deploy. It messes up a lot of things here and delays the mission from getting accomplished because you are now short of a key member of the team. Rapes and sexual assaults have occurred. I think when you put men and women together in an environment for 6 months and you are not allowed to have sex while you are deployed, things sometimes happen.

    I am all for women serving in the military but opening up combat roles for them I don't think is a good idea.

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