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    Ok, so one of those damn recruiters got me.
    (We all have seen them, patrolling malls looking for their next victim.) It was a navy recruiter who showed me how much money you can get for nursing in the navy. The numbers were riddiculous...

    if you sign up while you are in school you get a $10,000 sign on thing and then $1,000 a month for up to 24 months... if you sign up when you are a licensed practicing nurse you get up to a $20,000 sign on bonus and $40,000 to apply to student loans... talk about waving candy infront of a baby...

    SO>>>> Now I can't make up my mind about signing up now while I am in school, signing up later or even signing up AT ALL. I am very disappointed in our country and I would not want to die for president Obama or any of the other corrupt politicians but that is a lot of money... not to mention the fact that you have a job as soon as you graduate, you get to travel and when your contract expires, if you can't find a job you can always re sign. The fact of being "Away from family" doesn't really bother me because I don't have any... literally... just a fiance and two cats....

    Does anyone here know nurses in the Navy? Are they happy with their decicion? Is their job risky?

    Ps: You see a guy in a military outfit in the mall, RUN AWAY, or they will get into your head and you will suddenly have a mind boggeling dilemma.
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    The chances of you getting sent overseas or to a war zone as a Navy nurse are better than you think. One I knew had just been commmissioned before she got sent off for a year in Iraq; another spent a year in Africa. Being a nurse doesn't exempt you from these things in the though the money is nice, this is a very real possibility that you have to consider.
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    Given the attitude demonstrated in this post: you and the military would most likely not be a good fit.
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    Don't join. If all you really want is what is in it for you, then the US military is not a match for you. It is not what the country can do for you. It is what can I do for my country.
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    while the chances aren't high that as a nurse you will "die for president obama" if you aren't proud of what you're doing and wanting to serve your country for a better reason than the money, what's the point really?
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    It sounds like you are seriously weighing the pros and cons which is good because this is a huge decision. 3 or 4 years doesn't sound like a long time right now but it will feel like a very long time if your heart isn't in it and your stuck in a "job" that you don't enjoy. Yes, there's a lot in it for you if you stick with it and the experience will be invaluable but the military will ask a lot of you and if you're not willing to give it then you won't last long.
    If you want to serve your country or if you want to take care of the people who are fighting for our country then this could be a very rewarding experience, military nurses do find a lot of fulfillment in what they do. If you want to get paid well and travel get a couple of years of hospital experience and then consider doing travel nursing with agencies, this can also be a very rewarding career path if you are not tied down (I have a friend who does this and she says that the pay is great as long as your flexible).
    I'm not questioning your motives I just hope you will take a long look at what they are and decide what is the best fit for you.
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    Don't be a "whore for the money". If you want to serve your country then just do it. Otherwise you will be miserable.
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    I'm not disappointed in my country. I'm disappointed in the poor leadership that got us into this mess, but I'm proud of Americans for hanging in there and toughing it out; it's what we do. I don't serve my politicians. To be honest with you I could care less about most of the brass in the Pentagon and at least ninety percent of Congress. I respect the office of the President but not necessarily the person who holds it (George George George...).

    I serve my fellow citizens - regardless of who's calling the shots in Washington. I may act on the whim of Congress, but if I take a bullet, I'm taking it for my fellow citizens. I defend THEM, not Obama (though I've taken an oath to - I think you know what I mean, though) or Bush, or Congress, or the Joint Chiefs.

    I defend AMERICA - and if you don't think that's what you'd be doing, then you shouldn't do it - no hard feelings, no lectures, no BS. As someone else said, don't just prostitute yourself out to the highest bidder for the sake of doing it.

    But if the money's too tempting - and it might be - that's OK too; I never care why people are in as long as they do the best job they can while they're subject to any oaths they've taken. And if you do decide to do it - talk to EVERY branch before you pick.

    Best of luck whatever your decision.
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    I've often wondered if the military prefers a certain political persuasion. I'm seriously considering joining (don't know what branch yet, leaning Army) because let's face it, the pay is good and the perks are good.

    But, there's more than just the pay and perks. I want to serve something bigger than myself, I want to care for those soldiers who serve selflessly.

    I'm an American, my father has served, both my maternal grandfathers have served, my great-grandfathers and so forth. But, I am also a socialist and if I had a dime for every time I have been told that my opinions were un-American and that I should "move", well, I'd be loaded.

    I'm not proud of our politicians either so I know where the OP is coming from, but I still loves this country and I'd challenge anyone who says otherwise.

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