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rghbsn has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Flight/ICU/CCU/ED/Trauma.

I'm a husband. I'm a father and step-father. I am a infantry Marine Corps veteran and an Air Force Reserve nurse. I am a critical care/emergency/trauma/flight nurse. I love my God, my country, my family and my job...I am one of the luckiest men ever!

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  1. CCAT

    I am a civilian flight nurse...CCRN, ICU, CCU and trauma ED experience. I am a flight nurse in the AF reserves as well. It is a nice change from my civilian job...but it is not critical care at all. The patients are all stable(ish) and you frequently...
  2. COT or ROTC

    ROTC is going to be a longer process...having prior service, COT is going to most likely be less of a challenge than you think. If it were up to me, I would do ROTC.
  3. Who has done the military route?!

    I am a flight nurse in the AF. I love it...look up at the tabs, go to specialty, then nursing specialties, there is a government/military forum there where you can get a bunch of answers to your questions!
  4. PLEASE HELP...COT specific questions

    i hope some of that helps!
  5. Commissioned RN in Air Force.. what do you do?

    Nursing in the AF is like nursing in civilian world...just different. There are hospitals (with med/surg, critical care, OB, pediatrics, ED) there are clinics (labs, physicals, sub-acute care, etc) and there are flight positions (where the RN works w...
  6. AF Reserve Flight Nursing

    hope some of those answers help you out. larry v is a new nurse in my unit, if he can't answer your questions, shoot me an im when you can or post back here. good luck, my friend! robert
  7. Will I pass the physical?

    UA looks like a mild UTI or contaminated sample (possibly from a little early cycle start?). The blood work looks like you may have been a little dehydrated...shouldn't be any big deal, really.
  8. which branch to join for flight nursing.

    Just some quick, recent, info for you. The AF does have the most flight spots...they are on fixed wing air evac, NOT medivac...there isn't the field type stuff you want as an RN (there is, but it is very small and it takes time and effort to get into...
  9. Dreading COT

    We had a FB group before our class (10-03) and it worked out well. A bunch of us met for dinner the night before we had to report, got to know each other a little. Was nice later when they break you into squadrons and you knew people in all of them.....
  10. Before you join...

    Sgt, feel free to use what you need...if it ends up published somewhere, we can talk royalties later, lol.
  11. Military Flight Nursing?

    i fly as a civilian in rotor wing. i fly as an af flight nurse, too. the nursing you will get from your civilian job, not from the af. whatever you do as a civilian will be the nursing base that you have when you transport for uncle sam. there are f...
  12. Before you join...

    My 2 cents...late though they may be: If you join the military, in any branch, I think you should realize that you are to be an officer first and a nurse second. Not everyone agrees, and that's fine. Having been on the line side of the military (enli...
  13. Old guy entering Air Force, please advise...

    If you have any in depth questions, send them to me by PM. I don't get on here as much as I used to...time is a premium, these days. I am both a civilian and AF flight nurse, so I know what you're going to be doing to get there. Happy to help!
  14. Old guy entering Air Force, please advise...

    There will be a time at SERE school where you wish you would have done this 15 years ago, lol. I was there... There really isn't an unfair attitude that I noticed. The only rough part can be when you show up as a Capt or Maj and everyone expects you ...
  15. Dreading COT

    The 1.5 mile is not really an endurance run...it's almost a sprint. To get better at it, you have to do interval training. At this point it's still doable for Jan, but you'll have to work. Distance running does not really help the mile and a half run...