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It seems like a good deal but I'd like to hear some opinions on how you like it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!... Read More

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    If you are enrolled in a panel that supports AD, their dependents, and retirees; remember the focus is in that order as well. With 3 wars going on and natural disasters – I have to keep the troop fit to deploy, then his dependents can get in the clinic, then the retirees can be seen. It’s command specific, but typically keeping the AD troop in the fight or on the flight line back at work instead of sitting in the waiting room is my primary job. I spent time on one team where all I ever saw was AD troops – we stopped seeing anyone else because of the heavy deployment commitment.
    Our healthcare system has been great for me and mine and I like to think I make it the best I can for those that make an apt to see me. Folks just need to understand that we are no longer a peacetime mil. We have very heavy taskings outside of the traditional family medicine we used to provide. If a wife can’t get an appt, there is probably a decent reason.

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    I love Tricare. It's so easy and there are hardly any forms. I especially love how I can just go gets meds at the pharmacy and not have to wait for them to call the doc to verify the script and call my insurance company first prior to filling it. It's all in the system.

    Many people complain about Tricare but almost universally I've noticed that they have never had any other insurance other than Tricare. I don't think they always see how Tricare can be much less of a hassle compared to other insurance companies.

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