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  1. Barry CRNA Starting 2017

    I applied back in March and was told everything looks good, then in April I updated my app with my CCRN. I was told they would add to my packet. I called the first of May to make sure everything was good and received a surprise. I was told they didn'...
  2. Wolford October 2015

    RNDude, You are on the right track! I am a current Wolford student and even before I began the program the school would state that "we are working on regional accreditation". We just had a meeting yesterday with the administration and the same thing ...
  3. From Cop to Nurse

    Ben, I was actually on Active Duty with the Army when I did nursing school. I was a police officer and a member of the Army Reserves. My Reserve unit was activated and sent to Iraq in 2003-2004. When I returned from Iraq, I elected to stay on Active ...
  4. Answering Navy Nurse Recruiting Questions

    I have a question regarding Graduate Nursing Programs. I am getting ready to start my CRNA program in October. Does the Navy have a program Active or Reserve to help pay for CRNA. I have spoke with the Army Reserve and they have the STRAP program whi...
  5. MSHA VS Wellmont ?

    As a new grad BSN at wellmont my starting pay was 18.75 hr in Jan of 2013. Night Diff was 3.45 hr and weekends was 1 hr. They have an option where you can decline bennefits if you have other health insurance and this adds 20% to your base pay. Also I...
  6. Those who got into LMU, what was your GPA?

    lpc008, I did clinical at UT and Parkwest Hospital. They also have clinicals at Blount Memorial. I did get a job in an ICU right after graduation. I was hired before graduation and started about 2 weeks after graduation. Start applying at the beginni...
  7. Those who got into LMU, what was your GPA?

    I enjoyed the program. It is fast paced, but overall I thought it was good. They had some staff changes after our class graduated, so im not sure about how it is now. While I was there the staff was there to help you get through, not to see who they ...
  8. Those who got into LMU, what was your GPA?

    I graduated from this program in 2012. My GPA at the time of application was 3.4. If you have a 3.0 or above and all the prereq's you should be fine.
  9. Wolford CRNA Program for Fall 2014

    I interviewed in September. I originally interviewed for the Feb. class, but before the interview we found out my wife was expecting again, so I figured it best to delay my start until the October class. I plan on moving in June or July so my kids wi...
  10. Wolford CRNA Program for Fall 2014

    Thanks for starting this thread! I will be joining you this October. I will be moving from TN and have a family also. I am looking at renting a house. I have been looking at craigslist, trulia, and zillow for this. When I was there for the interview ...
  11. 2 semesters down at TWU (Texas Wesleyan) CRNA program, ask away!

    [COLOR=#003366]Nschafer, I was wondering how the financial aid stacks up at TWU. I have heard that their COA is a little low compared to other programs. I too have a family and will be trying to survive on loans while in school. How much did you end ...
  12. From Cop to Nurse

    Blueline, I was a police officer for 5 years myself before changing careers to nursing. I was single like yourself when I was a police officer but when I got married and started having children, priorities seemed to change. I decided that nursing is ...
  13. Go Guard!

    I am a Recruiter for the Army National Guard and your recruiter has lied to you just to get an enlistment credit. If he enlist you as an 09S (OCS Candidate) then he gets credit for the enlistment. If you go through the AMEDD recruiter and Direct Comm...
  14. Why can't you get Financial Aid with a Bachelors Degree?

    I am in a Second Degree BSN program and I was able to get Financial Aid. I recieve Subsidized and Unsubsidized federal loans. The only thing I wasnt eligible for was grants. There is an overall cap on how much you can borrow for undergraduate and as ...
  15. Civilian RN to Military CRNA school

    Here is the link to the U.S. Army Graduate Program Anesthia Nursing (USAGPAN) USAGPAN It is now a DNP and was also ranked as the number 1 CRNA program.