Would you accept this call out excuse?

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    Thursday night I got a call at 7pm from a night shift CNA saying she was tired and didn't sleep that day and couldn't come in for her shift 11-7.

    I told her that I that I would write up the call-out slip, but I didn't think being tired was an acceptable excuse. I got a string of profanities and then "fine, I'll come in"

    I called my DON and double checked with her and she backed me up....but wow....if you are going to call out, come up with a better excuse, please!
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    I could almost understand if it was the 8th 11p-7a in a row (perhaps called in to cover a call out) or 5th or 6th 7p-7a in a row. However, when I walked 12hr nights as a tech, if we were called in the staffer making the replacement would try and find coverage/swap (if I/we asked ) for an upcoming shift if this call in coverage resulted in 4 or more 12s in a row. But that is proactive.

    Lack of planning on your part does not equal an emergency on mine. Did she call out in time to get coverage or at 9:30 ( or later) for an 11p start?
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    This CNA called in at 7pm...which considering that she didn't have to come in till 10:30 she still had time for a 3 hr nap...and they only work 3, max 4 on in a row.
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    Quote from motherof3sons
    This CNA called in at 7pm...which considering that she didn't have to come in till 10:30 she still had time for a 3 hr nap...and they only work 3, max 4 on in a row.
    Then bogus. 3 hr nap can be restful enough to function. Dollars to donuts she wanted to go out to party...
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    Our latest troubles with call outs....they find out they are working on a certain unit and then call out. You were hired to work for the FACILITY not a specific floor. Residents are residents....they all take meds, have treatments, eat meals,....get over yourself and come to work.
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    Everywhere I've been has always had a no fault attendance policy. Meaning you could be deathly ill or going to the beach, didn't matter on bit. As a result, I tend not to argue with the call off person but am quick to remind everyone where they are at on the disciplinary ladder for call offs. (Now I'll admit to loosing a few c/o slips for those I knew were struggling with a true illness or the one nurse who had a Mom battling cancer).
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    I don't understand why it's anyone's business why someone calls off. I remember calling in once and saying I was sick and the charge asked what's wrong with me. Honestly, it's none of your business!!! I totally agree with the no fault policies. You should get X number of call offs and they are yours to use as you wish.
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    A call out is a call out-most rational places have a policy in place in terms of how much hours of notification etc...and the number of times allowed before disciplinary action etc...who cares what the reason is and to be frank it really is none of your business if done according to the rules!
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    I would assume calling at 7p for your 11p shift is a reasonable amount of time to have your shift replaced. My facility is a 4 hour window.

    It seems that the dramatics are coming from her giving you the reason why she was calling out. The "I'm too tired" doesn't sit well with most people. If she said she had explosive diarrhea would you still be questioning this?

    I don't think it is anyone's business why someone else is calling out.

    Sounds like your facility's policy on call outs isn't very friendly and I'm sure everyone's second uncle twice removed has passed away if you check those call slips.
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    I agree with the above. Its really none of your business why someone calls out

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