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Things are changing now at my "Anything goes" LTC. We are now being told that we are not to put up with any CNA insubordination anymore. We were told that if a CNA refuses to do what we tell them to do, that we are to tell them... Read More

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    Quote from Blackcat99
    Update: I was set up by management. I sent a CNA home and she was back the next day and spent the whole shift " laughing and smirking at me." Management lied. Nothing was done about the "problem CNA". Now the other problem CNA's are giving me a hard time in retaliation.

    There are issues in that place. The aides are treated awfully by the nurses, the management is incompetent, and you are left holding the bag. I've never had to resort to such drastic action, as 'sending someone home'. Find out the cause of the conflict- there's no way the place is doing the patients any good.
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    I am so sorry. i really just do not get why people find pleasure in making co workers lives miserable. Why cause conflict, and play these stupid childish games. They know when they sign their work agreements what a CNA job intales, forgoodness sakes just do your job. If you can't handle it or do not want to do it anymore just go away and allow the spot to be taken by someone who really cares for residents and want to work well with their co workers to make everyones lives more enjoyable. Lord knows everyone has their own set of troubles and woes in this life. I would never want to add to someones misery by doing such terrible things to someone.

    I think it is time that management talk to these people and say if you don't want to follow our rules you can go and we can find someone who will. There should be no reason why these CNAs that do not want to do their jobs properly should still be there when there are CNAs lined up that would love the opertunity to have their spots.
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    Management, I'm sure, has better things to do than "set you up".
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    LTC is a revolving door. The RNs come and go, but the CNAs have been there forever. And they are not going anywhere.

    How many times did I want to send a lazy insubordinate CNA home? It was not in my power. In my facility, nurses couldn't "write up" nursing assistants. We had to report them to management and let management deal with them. But Management never dealt with them.

    The CNAs were like a pack and felt secure in doing exactly what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it.
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    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    Management, I'm sure, has better things to do than "set you up".
    Ever worked in LTC? It's common for the management to throw staff off the train, under the bus, etc.- rather than expend the real energy it takes to solve a problem.
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    I've worked in long term care for longer than some of you have been alive and NEVER saw any employee set up. I worked my way up and have been the Director for the past 10 years. The management team and I sit with the front line staff if there are problems to figure out as a team how to solve the problems. I am really tired of all the mangement bashing that goes on here.
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    Well what do you want to call it then? I was told that they were going to do something about the "problem CNA's"? They lied to me. They" set me up to fail" by lying and saying that they were going to get rid of these "problem CNA's. The CNA's are here to stay. These CNA's will continue to be nasty and hateful to the nurses and patients and will continue to do as they damn well please here.
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    First of all, I admire you for working your way up to be the Director and kudos to you for sitting with the front line staff to solve problems as a team. I wish you could advise most of the other LTC facilities how to make the workplace work better for all--the nurses, nurse assistants and residents.

    I don't see these posts as management-bashing. It's really just frustration because we, as licensed personnel, are responsible for the well-being and safety of our patients. We complain, with legitimate grievances, about nursing assistants and we are not heard. Nothing happens.
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    I would not think you failed.. You sent one CNA home for one day. I would suggest keep your head up high and do what you need to do. Keep sending them home... Sooner or later Management will take care of the situation when they have had enough of seeing reports of CNAs going home. It might be that managment is still just watching to see what happens since the sent home was given. It might take the 5th or even 10th time but sooner or later managment will have to do what they have to do.
    As for the smerks and laughing behind your back ignor it. It is childish of them, and you have more important things to worry about.
    Just keep showing your authority that managment gave you and either two things will happen. The CNAs will be tired of being sent home and start to do their jobs the way they need to, or sooner or later they will be let go. Either way you will be the winner.. It just might take some time
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    I have seen countless nurse and aides 'set up', so they could be 'gotten rid' of. Countless. And what's sick is that in right to work states, no reason is needed- why can't people just be fired, and left alone- why the games, the hate, the spiteful acts, allegations of 'abuse', 'reporting to the BON', ad nauseum? This behavior is posted all over this blog, more every day. I don't see management bashing in here at all. Everyone is telling experience from every level of staff- in fact, I seem to see more CNA bashing than anything. If you are one DON who really does take the high road? Wonderful- stay that way. Maybe you can 'inservice' the more egregious DONs on how to mange, discipline, and even fire staff in a humane, dignified manner?

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