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Some people want to live forever

  1. 20 Not my grandma! Background, she is 94, in a LTC, has major medical problems, severe chronic pain and to top it off she fell last week and cracked ribs.

    I was in visiting her last night and our conversation went...

    Me: So what do you want for Christmas
    Grandma: Mostly just stuff for the funeral
    Me: Whose funeral?
    Grandma: Mine, I'm done here.
    Me: Done here being earth?
    Grandma: Yep, so a few things I need..I just ordered my burial dress from the catalog but I need my hair done.
    Me: Ummm, you've lived for 94 years with major medical issues, why do you think the end is near
    Grandma: I just feel it, but if I'm not gone by January I want you to hit me over the hard crack with a big stick!
    Me: Um, that might give you what you want but I'd end up in jail.
    Grandma: So when you said if I needed anything just didn't really mean it?

    As you can see she has a great sense of humor but if anyone overheard that convo...yikes!
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    She sounds ready. I'd help her plan the funeral and let her know it's okay to leave. I like her.

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    at least when the time comes shes not going to be leaving kicking and screaming!
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    Sounds like my gramma- she died 2 1/2 yrs ago at age 83 after a quick and dramatic deterioration d/t cancer (liver vs pancreatic)- she was so ready to go, and I'm glad she is not in pain anymore and hopefully in a better place. Your grandma sounds funny- make sure her worries are quelled on having all she needs for the funeral
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    Does she want her nails polished? What about her jewelry? Get everything straight with her, make her happy.

    Try to be upbeat, but on the level.

    I am so glad that my mom made her wants known, it made the decisions surrounding her funeral so much easier.
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    She is more than ready...and has been for years. Unfortunately she is also incredible stubborn and can't seem to make it happen, as morbid as that sounds. She gets jealous when others in the nursing home pass away and asks why it is never her turn. She has a strong faith and complete peace and we talk about death quite openly. I think she is bored and has nothing to plan so why not a funeral! She is a very traditional 'proper' person and appearances are very important to her so we always tease her that we are going to bury her in a mini skirt with a beer in one hand a cigarette in the other! i think that is why she bought the dress!

    While I wish for her sake she would go peacefully in her sleep, I don't really see any reason why it would happen now (unfortunately for her). Doctors have been telling her for years (decades!) that she doesn't have much time due to her health. However I will not hit her over the head with a stick!
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    Sounds like my hubby's grandma before she died. She bought her dress and made sure everything was ready. Sometimes people just know.
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    Is she on hospice? Comfort measures? May be time for a consult.
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    Your gramma is a hoot! Thanks for sharing.
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    She sounds like my grandmother. A major highway opened up, still under construction, and we were told it would be finished in 10 years. When my grandmother heard that, she yelled "I hope to God I'm dead by then!" 15 years later and no luck for Grandma. She's still kicking!
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    My father in law told me to just take him behind the barn and shoot him.


    Didn't quite know what to say.
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    Sound like she is tiered, lonely, feels useless and can't stand the pain any more. Year after year I realize the truth in the line from the song "My Generation", "...Hope I die before I get old.." watching old friends die, this world keeps moving faster and faster, the world has always been an uncaring place but today is seems the most uncaring. BUT when you stop to think 94 years. what has she lived through. She was a teenager when FDR first took office, TV was fiction. All of the diseases that were killers back then can be cure with a couple pills today. She is a living history book. All of this living takes its toll. She's ready to turn the page; ready for the next chapter to begin.
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    I've heard of a resident in an ALF who planned and held his own wake.

    As far as I know, he's still alive. And has a great sense of humour (with a "U", he's British)