should a new grad be a charge nurse

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    I am a new grad RN and was offered a charge nurse position at a LTC. I was told to expect about three weeks of orientation and then I would be responsible for 60 residents, 6 CNAs, and 2 LPN',.. I had worked in LTC previously as an LPN before returning to school. I have also been offered a position at a local hospital. Which job offer should I accept?

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    I am a new grad RN and was offered a charge nurse position in LTC...I would receive three weeks of orientation and then be the nurse on 3-11 shift...60 residents, 6 CNA's, and 2LPN's.. I was an LPN and have previous experience as far as working in LTC. I have also received a job offer at local hospital. Which job offer should I accept?
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    Depends on your preference. Seeing as you previously worked in a LTC, you have an idea of how the facility runs and the demands of the job. But only 3 weeks orientation, responsibility for 60 residents with only 2 LPNs?... Would honestly send me running in the opposite direction. I am a soon to be new grad, and that's just my personal opinion. I think you need to decide if you like the hospital setting or LTC setting, seeing as how much they differ. Congrats on the offers!
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    You've BTDT in long term care. Unless LTC is your passion, I would accept the acute care position.
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    LTC is truely were my heart is but I feel that acute care will help me gain the experience needed...
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    @all517.. congrats on you on your upcoming graduation.. ltc is truely were I one day want to be, but its seems overwhelming...
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    Since there seems to be some difficulty for new RNs in getting jobs in hospitals you might want to take that while given the chance. But remember, every place has it's good and bad spots. Good Luck to you either way.
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    Kudos to you for scoring a position where you want to be, that is tough these days! Good luck to whatever you choose! You will be great.
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    What is the hospital position and what are your duties ,exactly, @ the LTC?

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