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Pharmacy has now taken over our MARS. Effective 6/1... After one week it is unbelievable the ERRORs that have been made. Medications not listed. They have completly changed the times. My huge 5p pass is now an even more huge... Read More

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    diane....what you have and what the OP has are two different systems....she/he is in long term care. The timing issue is being addressed in a cookie cutter manner, no differences allowed. What "reasonably prudent nurse" would give a nonemergent, ie scheduled, dose of lasix at 9p? We need to remember that this is the patient/client's home. Do you think they would do that to themselves at home? Another thing, how dare corp. interfer with the docs practice of medicine?!!!!
    PS diane, only the first comment was aimed at your post....

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    I'm pretty sure a pharmacist doesn't actually check the MARs before we get them. I worked in one place where the data entry person did ALL the MARs and TARs. It was wonderful...SHE was wonderful and editing at month's end was a piece of cake.
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    Quote from Finallydidit
    NASCAR NURSE.. You will be thinking of me when you get your new MARS..

    Actually I was already talking about you today at work when someone else was saying that they are just dreading this change. Was telling the DON that I suspect this poster on allnurses probably works for same corporation as us and probably talking about the same pharmacy corporation?? Good luck to you
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    So when did the Nursing facilities start working for the pharmacies- I mean who is the one being paid for the service? Looks to me like the one getting paid should be the one doing what the customer wants, not the other way around.....
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