New RN, interviewed at an LTC facility.....scared!!! - page 2

Hi everyone, I am a new grad wanting to eventually get into hospice. I was told that LTC would be a great place to start....chronically ill, geriatrics, experience with the technical skills. I had an... Read More

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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Are you sure you didn't hear wrong about the one CNA. One RN/LPN per 24 reidents is fine. One CNA per 24 residents is impossible! Unless their census is really really low? I'd frankly be nervous working in a facility with that severe of a census drop....

    Lol one RN or LPN for 24 residents is not fine. It's less than most places, but still unacceptable and dangerous, period. It's amazing what people will tolerate wow.

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    Really? I've never seen a nurse have only 24 pts in LTC. At my facility, on the skilled/rehab/whatever unit (trachs, woundvacs, IV ABX) the 3-11 nurse has 25-28 pts. On the strictly LTC unit (where I work) I have 40-49 pts on 3-11.

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