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  1. hi! i would like to ask how is the hiring process for private psych hospitals? i had an interview 2 weeks ago and was told i would receive a call after background check.. but still no call yet? how long does it take to get a call back?
  2. racs09_RN

    After 4 times....Thank you!

  3. racs09_RN

    Passed nclex & you can too!

  4. racs09_RN

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    I'm from Cali also.. And YES the PVT works!
  5. racs09_RN

    Saunders 4th or 5th edition?

    I'd stick with the 4th ed and get another book on practice questions if you could..
  6. racs09_RN

    where should i rely on the lab values?

    Don't stress too much on the lab values.. Just choose one material, i used the lab values of Saunders.. The lab values on the NCLEX were really either too high or too low.. hope that helps
  7. racs09_RN

    How u apply kaplan 2010-2011 strategies

    To tell you the truth I wasnt really able to use all of the strategies of Kaplan.. I just looked at the question and answers.. Then it would depend from there.. I only used the ABC's, Maslows, Acute vs Chronic, and Assessment vs Implementation.. Don't stress yourself on using the strategies. Just know the concepts well and keep answering questions, eventually you'll get the hang of answering questions
  8. racs09_RN

    Taking NCLEX-RN next week

    @puprlechicxiii I would really recommend Rachell Allen.. I felt that I was ready when taking the exam.. Even when I was taking my exam I knew I would pass.. Because I was able to learn and understand the concepts very well through Rachell Allen's Program Are you in the Philippines right now?
  9. racs09_RN

    I have my NCLEX-RN scheduled early January.

    Just keep doing practice questions.. dont mind how many you got correct, whats important is how much you absorbed.. goodluck!
  10. racs09_RN

    the day you guys took nclex..what did u? (random q's)

    1. What did you WEAR to the nclex? (pls try to describe in details.. flipflops?jacket?skirt?combat boots?lol) -Jeans, polo shirt, sneakers and a jacket 2. What did you EAT before the nclex? -Oatmeal with bananas and milk 3. What did you SNACK on during your nclex break? -I brought snacks but wasn't able to take a break 4. What would you recommend SNACKING on during an nclex break to waken the brain, with DRINK pls hehe -I brought protein bars that had chocolate chip for sugar and also canned coffee.. 5. How many minutes did you have your break? How long do you recommend we should take our breaks? -Didn't take a break 6. What were one of your favorite Bible verses/ inspirational quotes that you wrote on your mini white board? -"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength" Philippians 4:13 7. How many minutes did it take for you to finish? -90 mins 8. Last words for those taking Nclex? (we need you guys.. hehe) thanks -Relax and stay calm throughout the test.. Be confident! Study hard but Pray harder
  11. racs09_RN

    Help Failed my NCLEX twice!

    I went to Rachell Allen Reviewers in the Philippines. A lot of my classmates from the review were re-takers.. they said that Kaplan and Hurst didn't work for them.. So they went back to the Philippines just to review.. They have a really good program.. it'll take you 35days to complete the program.. I took the exam on Nov 18 and passed!
  12. racs09_RN

    Nclex preparation and requirements

    hi! i just took the NCLEX on nov 18, 2011 and passed, i'm now a CA RN.. im also a US Citizen and studied in the Philippines.. NCLEX no matter where you take it is still the NCLEX.. It doesnt matter where you take it.. Also the processing time is still the same.. i would only consider the time it takes the mail to arrive.. because Cali sends mail through snail mail so it takes around 3-4 weeks to get to the Philippines.. but its better to process it while your still in the Philippines, because Cali requests a lot of paper work especially if your foreign educated.. go to rn.ca.gov to check the requirements..
  13. racs09_RN

    Help!! Taking NCLEX on Thursday!

    Just relax.. i took the test on nov 18 with 75q's and passed.. i did as much as the same number of practice questions as you 2 weeks before the exam also.. but i tried not to pay attention to whether i got the question right or wrong.. i just made sure that i knew the rationales whether i knew it or not.. what's important is how much you absorbed, not how much you got correct.. after the test i felt that the kaplan questions were even harder than the nclex questions. Remember to relax at least a day or 2 before the exam.. Goodluuck and Gobless!
  14. racs09_RN

    Taking NCLEX-RN next week

    @ Miley22: Thanks! I used Saunders 5th ed. and Kaplan Strategies.. I also enrolled in a review center in the Philippines called Rachell Allen Reviewers..
  15. racs09_RN

    Taking NCLEX-RN next week

    hey! goodluck on your upcoming exam.. i took the nclex-rn on nov 18.. stopped at 75 and passed.. just do practice questions.. don't review on content anymore.. just familiarize yourself with different types of questions.. and relax 2 days prior your exam.. Goodluck and Godbless!
  16. racs09_RN

    Fingerprint Card Problem

    by the way.. i haven't gone through fingerprinting yet.. thinking that if i go through it, that it would be a problem.. would the NBI here in the Philippines know if the card is still good for use?