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I am a new grad (BSN in case that matters in answering the questions below about what to expect) who will be starting in LTC on Monday. Nervous. I graduated in November, NCLEX in Jan and am afraid I've forgotten everything... Read More

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    Sometimes I wonder, when listening to the conversations and ranking (Hospital vs ltc, ICU vs medsurg, rn vs lpn, bsn vs adn etc) - um, what about the patients? Another pet peeve that I am developing is this focus on 'customer service'. When I interviewed for the job I got I was not asked a single nursing related question. I was asked for a customer service example. I think that people should be treated well because they are human beings and therefore deserve to be treated with respect, NOT because they are giving me money (are 'customers') Does this mean if I am not at the receiving end of a financial transaction I should not treat them well? If we are only to treat people well because they are giving us money, there is a new level of hell. Why is it becoming defined as a primarily financial/business question? Grr.

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    Wow I am so impressed with the all the responses. There is some great advice here.
    As for customer service:as the saying goes."No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care."
    LTC is full of people who are stressed out. The families have lots of guilt and anger and take it out on the nurses and the CNAs. There are days when family members and residents will act stupid. You have to learn to deal with this without taking it personally. Good Luck. I hope you like LTC because we can use some RNs who want to be there

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