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  1. Have you taken Health Assessment yet? I am finishing it up next week which will be week 8.
  2. Hello I started classes July 4th also, actually they enrolled me late so I wasn't able to access anything until that Monday aftr the 4th. I am thinking about withdrawing. Not sure if the money I will pay for the classes will benefit me much when it...
  3. CPNE Excelsior College

    Please email me for
  4. online rn to bsn chamberlain college

    I will begin this program on May 2nd. Is there anyone else beginning soon or just began this program? How is it?
  5. New Grad starting LTC Monday

    what state and city are you in?
  6. Registered for CPNE in Atlanta GA

    I SUCCESSFULLY tested Feb 11-13 Georgia. If you have questions you can email me
  7. CPNE workshop...

    I passed CPNE on Feb 11-13. I live in the Atlanta Ga area. I would be happy to share what I did to successfully pass CPNE. email me if you would like at
  8. CPNE workshop...

    what are do you live in? what area do you plan on taking the CPNE?
  9. CPNE Excelsior College

    I sucessfully passed CPNE on the weekend of Feb 11-13. I am an LPN of 14 yrs and found this exam to be what nurses do anyway. This 3 day clinical exam is very doable and can be done. I have tips that I can help others with that will make passing eas...
  10. Excelsior College Help

    I am currently studying for my last examination which is Life span 2. I have alot of pointers and tips for Excelsior College Nursing program success.
  11. OMG, I passed Lifespan Psych!.........

    hi please e-mail me asap with the names of the books you used. i will buy yours if they are still available. thanks
  12. Hello All, I am an LPN of 12 yrs. I completed the RN program through Excelsior College recently. I am currently waiting to take the CPNE . I am proud to say that I don't owe any loans for my education. Here is what attributed to my success :dance:...
  13. CPNE@Grady Memorial???

    Hello I am very close to finishing up this program and I live in Georgia. Do you live in Georgia? How long did it take you to get a date for the CPNE ? By the way congrats!! This program is very hard and take a lot of self discipline. I will do m...
  14. LPN to RN what is your motivation?

    I am doing the Excelsior program at the present. I am taking Chronicity on 3/15. I plan to have completed this entire program and start clinicals by June. I am very motivated, because this is my 11th yr as an LPN. We are underpaid, unappreciated ...
  15. Jeff State, Wallace or Gadsden State

    I graduated from LPN school at Gadsden State in 1997. I was very young and needed a great foundation. That is exactly what I got!! There were 75 that started in our class and we graduated with 13! our instructors drilled like we were in the army....