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    Okay I have a job interview on Monday. I feel like I am cramming for an exam. If anyone wants to leave me a note go right ahead. I am interviewing at a long term care facility. The reason I asked about time management is I wanted to know what to say if they ask about that. I would like to work 3-11 as it is only part time. If anyone has any "pointers" please point them out to me.

    My experience has been in Pediatric Home Care working with disabled children. Parents have asked me a lot of questions like what is that rash around his g-tube site. I didn't know what it was. I said heat rash. With the same case the mother did not want to give him Prevacid. I went ahead and gave it because he needed it in case he did not tolerate his meds well. He was eventually put on Iron and I believe the Prevacid helped him cope with the Iron. He also was put on a Antibiotic. I tried to do it over the phone because his mother did not want to take him to the doctor. We ended up taking him to the emergency room because he had an infection around his baclofen pump site. I don't remember what antibiotic he was placed on. I do think it was a first generation cephalosporin. His mother fired me. But I remain friends with his family. He was trached by the new nurse. I think that was because he always had a lot of upper airway congestion and she wanted to go in their and get that. Prior to being trached he had his spine adjusted. His hours increased and he was placed on a pain killer that he had an allergic reaction to i.e itching all over and rapid respirations. We put him on Vicodin per orders from the surgeon. The surgeons discovered a collapsed lung. he was put on albuterol for that.

    My question is should I explain all of this in my interview?

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    Are you using this lady as a reference? Were you "fired" or "let go?"or did you quit? if you are I would ask her what she will say about you and base your answer around that.

    And whatever you do don't explain that story. If you must say "I was hired independently and unfortunately the child's mother and I disagreed about her child's care plan and we weren't able to work it out so I was let go/I quit." You could even spin it into a weakness ie: "in retrospect I believe we had problems because I was a new graduate and had trouble with blah blah blah. Working in this facility I'd like to work on that skill."
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    I was let go by his mother. I never even got a copy of the care plan from my agency. The care plan I did get was incomplete.
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    I guess I could say that I am good at catching pneumonia. I am good at listening to lung sounds. i have put NG tubes in before. Maybe I should not even do this. My Dad wants me to stay home with Edward. He does not even want me to work but my Husband Andrew will not get a job. I have to make the house payment. Life just really sucks.
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    What would be the point of relating that long story? Most facilities, at least in Massachusetts, don't use NG tubes and certainly an LPN wouldn't be allowed to insert one.
    Taking care of babies is nothing like taking care of old people. You should concentrate on the nursing skills you have.
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    The reason I would like to come back to long term care is because I was fired by the last HomeCare agency I worked at. My patients Step Dad who was also a sexual predator ( I did not know this at the time though) talked her mother into firing me. I cannot seem to get that out of my mind. Putdowns seem to just stick in my mind like glue.
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    True, if you are still on speaking terms with this woman ask her if you can use her as a reference...if you worked for her a long time and the interviewer is understanding to the case (if you keep it short and sweet though) I am sure your working relationship and the positive Impact you DID make while working with her and her child will benefit you. Its sounds like the child was progressively getting worse over time....and the Mom was getting more overwhelmed and anxious and starts to dictate instead of listening to anyone or anything because nothing is really helping the child and she cannot face that....She may have to start accepting the fact that her child is not getting well, sometimes this RELIEF brings a welcome moment where you just let a Higher energy take over, sometimes it doesnt....either way, its always a 50 50 chance with healing people and you can just do your very best.
    It looks like you also have alot on your mind with personal issues....this can subconsciously work into your mind during your work hours.....and may affect your critical thinking......My shortened Opinion.......IF THEY ASK YOU, then tell them....but a much shorter more positive sided looking verson for yourself........dont play yourself down if you know you are good at your are just in a tough spot now.....MOst times they ask...tell me about yourself.....what you have done in the last so and so years........strengths and weaknesses......what would you do in this case you deal with co workers in a precarious situation.......are you a good delegator....things like your strengths more......if they ask about your weaknesses....keep it very short and simple....but answer it completely. Hope this helps....good luck on your interview.
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    In response for taking care of babies and taking care of old people are not the same thing...I have to disagree......One a man, twice a the saying.....most elderly become babies again when they cannot care for themselves anymore...they have to be fed, bathed, given meds on a spoon, reminded continuously to do certain things, helped being dressed, return to an Old infantile way of living...and the job is not easy....I am a LTC/sub acute RN for over17 years....although many nurse in other fields may think its a piece of cake........please....dont listen to them. Its a job that you gotta love....just like any other nursing speciality. Good luck.
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    I have never been drilled about my skills at any LTC interview. I am a new RN to and have gotten hired. I wouldn't bring up this or use it as a reference.
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    That's a lot of history you have, are you saying you have already been fired twice? LTC interviews generally aren't interrogative style. More like can you handle 30 skilled/LTC patients and keep your head on straight? You can only do LTC well if you love it so may I suggest you do a job shadow first. The elderly are really special patients (at least to me they are) But its also mentally, physically, and at times morally draining.
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