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Anyone who works around the demented elderly population can attest to the fact that they sometimes say the darndest things. Mr. Rider is a pseudonym for the slightly plump octogenarian nursing... Read More

  1. by   happyinmyheart
    I had an elderly lady who would absolutely refuse to drink anything but grape juice. She would also refuse to drink it unless we called it wine!!!
  2. by   jojo489
    I absolutely love this thread, so I've got to respond, too.

    I currently work in assisted living but before this I was in a SNF. But my favorite story comes from even before I was a nurse.

    I was working as a direct care advisor in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. We had a lady who was in her 70s, cutest little lady you'll ever see, sweet as pie most of the time, but any time she got irritated, there was a string of obscenities that would roll out of her mouth, not particularly directed at anyone, then the next minute, she'd smile and tell you she loved you. She had dementia in the very beginning stages.

    She had lots of antics. We'd all be sitting quietly in the living room watching tv, and she would be recline in her chair. All of the sudden you'd hear, "HEY!! I'm watching tv real' good." With her little smile.

    The absolute best was when I was stuck doing an overnight awake because we had a surprise hospital trip for another consumer, and I was reviewing all the documentation after everyone was in bed. This little lady always had major issues with her pillow being situated right. After about 5 or 6 times of hearing her down the hall, cursing, then going to fix her pillow, I walk in as she starts again and this time, she's so frustrated, she goes, "IM GONNA BITE MYSELF!" And proceeds to stick a meatier part of her hand into her mouth. I looked at her and I said, "but (her name), you don't have any teeth. You're gumming yourself!" To which she stopped, looked at me, and began to giggle hysterically for about ten minutes and agreed with me.

    That was definitely high up there on one of my favorite moments.
  3. by   blinky
    I work LTC and we have one dementia pt, who like clockwork gets up walks out with her purse and bng and continuously asks anyone she sees if they can call her a cab. Shen then proceeds to tell the same exact details of her life. To the point most everyone knows her life story and finishes her statements, she is quite bewildered by this but milliseconds later will proceed to ask for a cab. you cannot re direct her, you can not change topics. its only can youi call me a cab, and some other phrases.

    Some times its the highlight of my night watching a new nurse try to use what they learned in psychology class on her.

    -What we learn in school = completely useless handling 99% of dementia pts
  4. by   nursielou72
    I've been an RN for 2 years and have worked in 3 LTC/Skilled Care facilities and I've always wondered...why do the residents always think there's an upstairs and why do they worry about if it's paid for?
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from CherieDavisMillsRN
    I've been an RN for 2 years and have worked in 3 LTC/Skilled Care facilities and I've always wondered...why do the residents always think there's an upstairs and why do they worry about if it's paid for?
    One of my former residents, a cute and feisty little lady, asked at least once weekly, "Is someone paying for my stay here?" and "Welfare isn't paying my bill, correct?"

    I would always assure her that her stay was being paid, but not by welfare (she was a private pay resident). "Oh, good," she'd always respond with relief.
  6. by   Lulu Belle
    One day during a CNA clinical I had a very confused 94 year old man try to discretely ask me to find out for him how long he'd been married to his wife. He said "please don't tell her I told you to ask!" Thankfully she wasn't in the room!
  7. by   NurseMandaRN
    Best thing I've ever heard.
    86 year old woman with dementia comes rolling up in her wheelchair, midday and surrounded by staff, visitors and family members and shouts at the top of her lungs, "I'M THE BEST SEX I EVER HAD!!!" Lol the staff is like ..."Mrs. B!" and she looks at us nonplussed and just says, What? I am." I'll never forget her. <3 She was awesome.
  8. by   NurseMandaRN
    Somewhat related question: What does everyone think dementia resident's obsession is with their daddy? Is it an american thing or is it cross-cultural? I live in a predominantly white town with 99% white elderly population (which is sad to be honest) so I have no real experience.
  9. by   NurseMandaRN
    I now use this quote on the reg. It's humorous and while I don't mention Mrs. B but it makes me remember her and her awesome sense of humor and priceless witt.
  10. by   NurseMandaRN
    hahaha that's so cute <3
  11. by   NurseMandaRN
    Quote from cienurse
    We have a very demented lady who wanders throughout the unit, sometimes dusting things, sometimes carrying her sweater. Mostly, she is pleasant but sometimes has trouble with lower back pain. Because she speaks in "word salad," we have to really listen and watch her to be able to get her meaning. One day, as I was standing at the nurses' station, I saw her approach me with a very distressed look. I asked her what was wrong. She looked straight at me and declared, "My angel is flongled!" When I stood back and watched her as she walked away, I noticed that she was more bent over than usual and her hand was on her lower back. I went to the med nurse and asked her to medicate this resident for pain. An hour later, she had straightened up and was smiling as she wandered. So sometimes these demented residents are really trying to tell us something-we just need to learn to listen better!
    YOU are an awesome nurse. Go you. Glad to know there are more of us out there ^_^
  12. by   NurseMandaRN
    Quote from RN58186
    Two things come to mind:

    Elderly lady from the Caribbean, blind on dialysis. About 22 years ago. In a four bed room and she would spend much of the night calling "God, help me! Please God, help me! God, are you there?" Needless to say, the other three pts were not impressed. One night shift we could hear her all the way to the desk calling for God. In desperation, one of the other nurses punched her bed number into the intercom and said "This is God. Go to sleep." Never heard another word from her but she told the day nurses she had "heard God's voice loud and clear last night". Never called out at night again.

    Elderly gentleman with dementia. I recognized the name as the same of a benefactor I had heard of through my work with Girl Guides. I was helping change him one day and after we had fixed the blankets and made sure he was okay, I said I had a question for him. I asked him if he was the same Mr X who had been involved in this particular Girl Guide camp. He started to cry and he said to me "You know, that place turned out way better than my wife and I ever dreamed it would. We just thought it would be an okay place for the girls to put some tents, and I can't remember how many girls use it now." I reassured him that it was well used and very well loved and that we would always take care of the land. After that day he could never remember my name, but he knew he had some sort of connection with me that he didn't have with the other nurses, although he could never had told you what it was. But everytime he saw he he would hold out a hand and say "There she is! There's my girl!" He is long since gone, but I still think of him everytime I go to camp.
    Oh gosh this makes me think of the time I used the intercom to talk to an elderly woman who would yell random things so loud we could here her ALL the way down at the station on the opposite end of the hallway. So I said, "Mrs. E, shhhh goooo to sleeeeep" to which she responded "Where are you?!" I told her I was in the hallway so I wouldn't confuse her but for at least a week straight this woman who couldn't remember where she lived, remembered to tell everyone she heard the voice of God. Lol. Too cute. I miss her.
  13. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from NurseMandaRN
    hahaha that's so cute <3
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