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  1. NurseQT

    Computer Systems

    I’m used ECS, Matrix, and PCC. I’d have to say Matrix is my favorite out of the three. PCC is the system my employer uses and I don’t really like it.
  2. NurseQT

    New to assisted living is this normal

    Are you the only licensed nurse for the entire community? If so, that is insane. I work in assisted living. There is the RN (Health and Wellness Director) and me for 32 assisted living residents (our acuity is pretty high right now) and we just took ...
  3. Little bit of background.. I’ve been a LPN for 17+ years, 15 of those years was working in LTC and Rehab fields. Two years ago I made a big switch to the ALF/CBRF field. I am no longer doing any skilled nursing tasks and work M-F. My official title i...
  4. NurseQT

    End of shift narc count

    I know this has been asked before but I've never really seen a clear answer on this... Are nurse techs and med techs allowed to count narcs at shift change? I was always told that the shift to shift count had to be done and signed by two licensed nur...
  5. NurseQT

    "You can't call off!"

    I'm with the OP on this... years ago I was hit head on by a semi on the highway during a snowstorm. I wasn't speeding or driving carelessly, was actually driving 30 mph below the speed limit. My vehicle, which was a 4x4 did a 180 and I was hit. The o...
  6. NurseQT

    Admission Skin Assessments

    Besides the 10-12 step process on the shift of admission there are additional assessments and tasks that are done over a 6 day period. For example, a 3 day toileting assessment is started on the morning after admission and then a bowel and bladder as...
  7. NurseQT

    "Nurse" arrested for using stolen license

    She never went to nursing school. She claimed she graduated from the Madison tech college with an associates and then completed her bachelors at UW-Madison. Neither school has any record of her attending EXCEPT for the med. term. class at the tech co...
  8. NurseQT

    Admission Skin Assessments

    Wondering when other facilities do an admission skin assessment. At my facility the majority of our admissions are short term rehab patients and are admitted to our rehab wing. Most of our admissions usually arrive on the day shift. Our current admis...
  9. NurseQT

    "Nurse" arrested for using stolen license

    No, she wasn't a LPN, never even took the CNA course. The extent of her schooling was one medical term. class.
  10. NurseQT

    "Nurse" arrested for using stolen license

    I guess she worked as a unit clerk at various hospitals, all the while telling her family and friends that she was working as a nurse. She was still on orientation when she was found out. The other nurses working with her began to get suspicious whe...
  11. Nurse at Reedsburg medical center used fake RN credentials, officials say | Channel3
  12. NurseQT

    Typical Staffing for a SNF/Rehab Wing

    Sassafrass- you describe pretty much how I feel as well. I have been a nurse for 14 years and have never seen it as bad as it has been these past few months.. It's so disheartening..
  13. I work for a SNF that has three wings, two are LTC and the third is Medicare/Short stay/rehab. The short stay wing has 32 beds. We typically have 3-4 CNAs and either 2 nurses or a nurse and a med tech for the AM and PM shifts and 1 CNA and 1 nurse fo...
  14. NurseQT

    Prescribing Narcotics for Pt with Drug Abuse Hx

    Patient has now gone back and forth between doctors demanding more pain medication... The physician following them at our facility has now said he will not sign any further orders for more narcotics, his colleague saw patient at his request and this ...
  15. NurseQT

    My AL facility admin have lost their minds.

    So the noc nurse is on her own? That can't be legal, what about residents who are assist of 2 for transfers and bed mobility?! Care plans have to be followed, a facility can be cited for failure to follow a care plan. I doubt these changes are comin...