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  1. NurseQT

    Computer Systems

    I’m used ECS, Matrix, and PCC. I’d have to say Matrix is my favorite out of the three. PCC is the system my employer uses and I don’t really like it.
  2. NurseQT

    New to assisted living is this normal

    Are you the only licensed nurse for the entire community? If so, that is insane. I work in assisted living. There is the RN (Health and Wellness Director) and me for 32 assisted living residents (our acuity is pretty high right now) and we just took over the “independent” living building which currently has 10 residents but there’s 10 open apartments in that building. I don’t normally work on the floor unless we are short staffed. Each building has med passers and CNAs/RCAs. Over the summer I was the only licensed nurse for the assisted living building because the HWD was on maternity leave and I was drowning the entire 12 weeks she was gone and that was for 30 residents, I would have died if I would have had to be in charge of 4x that many!
  3. Little bit of background.. I’ve been a LPN for 17+ years, 15 of those years was working in LTC and Rehab fields. Two years ago I made a big switch to the ALF/CBRF field. I am no longer doing any skilled nursing tasks and work M-F. My official title is Resident Care Coordinator and I work hand in hand with the Health and Wellness Director. I’m basically her right hand man and do whatever she needs me to do plus I’ve picked up a few of my own tasks over the past two years. I also help out on the floor when we’re short staffed. When I was orientated I was trained to do everything that the HWD does and actually this past summer I stepped into the role of HWD while she was on maternity leave. This position is brand new in our community and I’m the first RCC they’ve ever had, I’ve also never seen a similar position at any of the other ALFs in my area. When I was hired it was to be the RCC in the assisted living building (there are three separate buildings on our campus) and just recently the HWD and I have taken over managing the independent living building as the LPN who worked there as the HWD part time went full time to a different community. With taking on 20 more residents Jamie and I (as well as our Executive Director) feel that pay raises are in order. But because this is a new position in the facility and there aren’t any similar positions that I can compare wages to Indint even know where to begin with what a reasonable wage should be for my position. When I was hired they started me at $1 more an hour than what I had been making in skilled nursing.. There are now some LTC facilities that have starting wages that are $5 more than what I make now. Do I start with that? I definitely think a raise is in order I just don’t know what’s reasonable. PS.. I live in WI, nursing wages in the city where I live are lower than they are in other parts of the state...
  4. NurseQT

    End of shift narc count

    I know this has been asked before but I've never really seen a clear answer on this... Are nurse techs and med techs allowed to count narcs at shift change? I was always told that the shift to shift count had to be done and signed by two licensed nurses. This has always been the protocol at every facility I have ever worked at. My DON decided this last week that the techs could count with either a nurse or with another tech! Some of our nurses see no problem with this. I do. Ultimately I am responsible for those medications and I am most comfortable doing the count with another nurse. It's nothing against our techs, they are all pretty darn awesome, but at the end of the day I'm the one with the license not them...
  5. NurseQT

    "You can't call off!"

    I'm with the OP on this... years ago I was hit head on by a semi on the highway during a snowstorm. I wasn't speeding or driving carelessly, was actually driving 30 mph below the speed limit. My vehicle, which was a 4x4 did a 180 and I was hit. The officer who responded said had I been t-boned I and my two youngest daughters would probably have been killed. From that day on if the driving conditions are bad I won't risk it... I have four kids who depend on me and they come first.
  6. NurseQT

    Admission Skin Assessments

    Besides the 10-12 step process on the shift of admission there are additional assessments and tasks that are done over a 6 day period. For example, a 3 day toileting assessment is started on the morning after admission and then a bowel and bladder assessment and toileting plan are completed on day 6. Every facility that I've worked at the admission skin assessment was always done at hs. Every so often there would be talk of changing the skin assessment to be done within 2 hours of admission but it wouldn't ever go through. The other thing I'm finding is that when almost a full admission is being done on the shift that they arrive on and then there are no further tasks until the following day shift the nurses are barely looking at these people!! I had an admission come in this past Friday, on Sat I asked her if I could take a peek at her hip incision/bandage, her response? "I was wondering about that, you're the only person whose even asked to look at my hip!" What??!!! The woman was admitted with a 2 day old incision on her hip and the previous two nurses didn't think to look at it?! That's a problem.
  7. NurseQT

    "Nurse" arrested for using stolen license

    She never went to nursing school. She claimed she graduated from the Madison tech college with an associates and then completed her bachelors at UW-Madison. Neither school has any record of her attending EXCEPT for the med. term. class at the tech college. And she wasn't found out by the person whose credentials she stole, that nurse didn't even know until she was contacted. It was the hospital who figured it out. She has multiple felony charges filed against her, haven't heard anything new on this and her husband (whose a friend of my brother's and mine) had been silent since the news story first came out..
  8. NurseQT

    Admission Skin Assessments

    Wondering when other facilities do an admission skin assessment. At my facility the majority of our admissions are short term rehab patients and are admitted to our rehab wing. Most of our admissions usually arrive on the day shift. Our current admission process really sucks to be completely honest. On the day of the admission there is a 10-12 step process which we are expected to complete in one shift, this includes an admission skin assessment! Trying to do a thorough skin assessment on a fully clothed person while fighting off therapy, who will wisk that New admit away to do their own assessments the moment the nurse turns her/his back, is next to impossible. Not to mention the fact that most of these admissions are A&Ox3 and have absolutely no interest in taking their clothes off at 1:00pm! All too often we day shift nurses have asked the PM nurse to please do the skin assessment at bedtime, well one of the PM nurses complained and the day shift nurses scolded. Every facility I have ever worked in the initial skin assessment was done at hs. Not to mention the fact that so have never worked anywhere that required almost an entire admission to be done in one shift. Then nothing until the following day shift when there are more assessments and various tasks, most of them being assigned to days, only a couple on PMs, and none on nocs. Days also has the heaviest med pass, all the care conferences, all the discharges, and doctor rounds, and inter-disciplinary meetings. No one in management would dream of helping and our charge nurse is also a floor nurse. The process is just ridiculous I think..
  9. NurseQT

    "Nurse" arrested for using stolen license

    No, she wasn't a LPN, never even took the CNA course. The extent of her schooling was one medical term. class.
  10. NurseQT

    "Nurse" arrested for using stolen license

    I guess she worked as a unit clerk at various hospitals, all the while telling her family and friends that she was working as a nurse. She was still on orientation when she was found out. The other nurses working with her began to get suspicious when she was unable to perform basic nursing skills. The place she was hired at first was a LTC facility, I've heard from people who worked with her and they all said the same thing, that she was very unprofessional and never seemed to complete any of her tasks. Sadly, she is continuing to claim that she is a RN as is her husband!
  11. Nurse at Reedsburg medical center used fake RN credentials, officials say | Channel3
  12. NurseQT

    Typical Staffing for a SNF/Rehab Wing

    Sassafrass- you describe pretty much how I feel as well. I have been a nurse for 14 years and have never seen it as bad as it has been these past few months.. It's so disheartening..
  13. I work for a SNF that has three wings, two are LTC and the third is Medicare/Short stay/rehab. The short stay wing has 32 beds. We typically have 3-4 CNAs and either 2 nurses or a nurse and a med tech for the AM and PM shifts and 1 CNA and 1 nurse for the noc shift. Is this typically how staffing looks at other facilities? Right now we are so busy it's not even funny. Multiple admissions a day along with discharges on top of passing meds (unless it's a nurse and a med tech), wound care/tx, there's usually at least one PICC in house, and then there's Doctor rounds, care conferences, and then there's the never ending charting, ect ect ect... We are running like crazy to a point that it's not safe and leaving there hours after the shift has ended. We're getting burned out... Is this how it is other places?!
  14. NurseQT

    Prescribing Narcotics for Pt with Drug Abuse Hx

    Patient has now gone back and forth between doctors demanding more pain medication... The physician following them at our facility has now said he will not sign any further orders for more narcotics, his colleague saw patient at his request and this physician asked patient if they were ok with her contacting the "primary" MD that patient is also seeing at the other hospital so all providers could be on the same page and patient said "no." Patient was also seen for chemical dependency assessment today and will be seeing them on an ongoing basis as well. THIS is what I was concerned about happening. Pretty sure I DO have an understanding of working with someone with an addiction, seeing two of our providers are sharing many of the same concerns that I had when patient was admitted 3 weeks ago.
  15. NurseQT

    My AL facility admin have lost their minds.

    So the noc nurse is on her own? That can't be legal, what about residents who are assist of 2 for transfers and bed mobility?! Care plans have to be followed, a facility can be cited for failure to follow a care plan. I doubt these changes are coming from corporate, I'm gonna bet it's a combo of the DON and NHA who are responsible for these changes. If I were you I'd address my concerns first with the DON, if she won't listen then go to the NHA, if they won't listen then it's time to go above them. If you have a union bring it to your rep's attention as well.
  16. NurseQT

    Catheter Policy

    Our orders to change indwelling caths always come from the ordering MD. We have some that are every month and some that are every other month, and some that go out to urology for their routine changes. We have it in our standing orders to change PRN though. We also include PVR bladder scans qshift x 72 hours after removal

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