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Any reasons not to put Barrier Cream (20% zinc oxide in petrolatum base) on a skin tear? What I'm hearing is band-aids and diaper creme are within policy for CNA's to apply. So they are using it... Read More

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    The new place I started also uses bandaides. I do not like that idea. We had one skin tear that they were changing 3 times a day. I think that is too excessive. In my past experience, the more you mess with the wound/skin tear, the more irritated it becomes. I think the most you should change it is once daily and prn if drainage is excessive. Also Allevyn and tegaderm works well if steri strips are not required. Steri strips tend to tear the skin even more. The cna's not telling you about the skin tears is not good practice and if it should get infected, thats on you, not them. I would require that they tell you about each and every one.

    Good luck!!

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    Tegaderm -- change every 3 days and PRN.
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    Steri-strips, left alone until they fall off!
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    Yes. We cleanse with sterile saline, then steri strip and then monitor.
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    We cleanse with saline and use Allevyn Gentle Border change Q 5 days and prn. Technically with a skin tear with no drainage we can put on only a tegaderm but I have never liked tegaderm on skin tears, they tend to pull on the open areas when removed.

    Our facility does not generally use steri strips either, although I've used my judgement and applied them when it really seemed appropriate.
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    We generally put polymem on skin tears.
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    Check your state CNA scope of practice and facility policy... here in Indiana it does allow CNA's to apply barrier cream but only to intact skin.
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    I would be livid to find a CNA covering something with a band-aid. You, as the nurse with the license, who ultimately is held responsible for said CNA's actions, should ALWAYS be notified of any skin integrity issue. I can definitely see why you are frustrated. Check out your state reg's. And barrier cream is a bust. Its only helpful when skin is intact. Even then it can creat an issue when people apply to much of it. If you can roll your pt over and write your intials in it, its too much Lol.... LTC/SNF can be one of the hardest nursing job's, when you actually care. Chin up.
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    Our protocol is to cleanse with wound cleanser, apprximate the edges, apply steri stips, calcium alginate and tegaderm. Change every 3-5 days. It works beautifully!!
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    oh no! I'd freak if a CNA touched my skin tear! lol. they know to come get me immediately.

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