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Scrubs in the Atlanta area

  1. 0 Does anyone know a good place to shop for scrubs in Atlanta? I'm new to the area. Thanks in advance.
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    There is a place called scrubs and beyond at discover mills in lawrenceville, ga. They are very good on price and quality. maybe you can mapquest it. Also, walmart sells scrubs too. Hope this helped you.
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    In Austell,area,there's a store called citi trends that sells set of scrub for about $13 again walmart is ok.
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    Scrubs and Beyond as the above person mentioned is excellent. I live 45 min away and make a special trip there everytime I need scrubs. Always have the latest styles and wide variety.
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    I just went to Scrubs and Beyond and they had an excellent selection of scrubs for men!! I've had a terrible time looking for scrubs for school htat don't fit like a chick's scrubs. I only bought one set of dickies, navy but i'm going back to get another set on friday when i get paid. this place rocks!!

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    Where is this? I work in Austell, not familiar with the shop. Thanks
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    as mentioned above, Citi trends is a wonderful place to get scubs for as low as 9 or 10 dollars a set!! It's located on Austell Road in the shopping center where the Big Lots is.

    Oh, Thanks for the info about discovery mills. Must make a trip out there.

    By the way, I'm a new member here. Looking forward to chatting with you all!!:spin:
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    Also, you can go online to They have scrub sets also for 10 to 12 bucks.
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    I actually came across Cherokee scrubs for half the price of any other place I've seen at Garden Ridge! You just never know where you'll find a great deal.
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    There is a scrub store on 41 (cobb parkway) near cumberland mall. I am not sure of the exact name but it is the shopping center behind Olive Garden. It has a good selection and good prices. There is also a store in town center mall. But for the best place I second the place in Discover Mills.
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    Uniform City ( in Tucker is great! It just opened up and is off of LaVista Drive, in the same plaza as the Ballys Total Fitness. I got several tops for $9.99 and bottoms for $7.99! And a good selection of petites which I find is sometimes difficult.