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yellow finch has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. yellow finch

    Drexel University Online MSN Programs

    I believe that Drexel has eliminated their post-master's ACNP program.
  2. yellow finch

    Ok, so I'm soon an FNP... what about a DNP in acute care?

    And thanks to everyone who responded. I suppose it's hard to find a good medium and "level of respect" amongst MDs with the graduate level of education and a doctoral degree. My issue... suppose I'll keep thinking about it and make a decision later o...
  3. yellow finch

    Ok, so I'm soon an FNP... what about a DNP in acute care?

    Now that I'm completing my program, there is little opportunity to round through the hospital as the FNP program I'm in forces me to complete hours primarily within a Family Practice/Internal Medicine office. I've also discovered that the office bore...
  4. yellow finch

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    Thanks. That's sort of how I envisioned it. I'll give it a couple of years of experience before shocking my husband over yet more education.
  5. yellow finch

    Ok, so I'm soon an FNP... what about a DNP in acute care?

    The ERs are still hesitant in my area to hire NPs. One local hospital has a PA that works the afternoon shift. The ICUs, however, are present in many of the larger hospitals in town. I'm looking at a post-master's certificate in ACNP but I don't wan...
  6. yellow finch

    preceptor help!!!!

    I had this problem in my last semester (that started just a couple of weeks ago) where my preceptor backed out the day after school started. What this forced me to do was put together a letter of introduction, a clinical resume, go door to door, and ...
  7. yellow finch

    ANCC or AANP Exam - Which to take???

    I'll probably register to take both exams basically due to fear of failing one exam and passing the other. It's a realistic option but I appreciate all the comments on the ANCC exam being the easier of the two. In the end, you only have to maintain l...
  8. yellow finch

    Low GPA

    One option is to be very frank and honest in your essay where you address your past, present, and future potential. Grades are not the sole reason for admission. Best of luck to you!
  9. yellow finch

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    Now that I approach the end of my FNP/MSN program, I would like to expand into the area of ACNP studies because I crave the hospital experience. I could go for a post-master's program or apply to a DNP program. Problem is, I can't find any DNP school...
  10. Now that I'm wrapping up my final semester as a FNP student, I'm realiy wanting to work in the ER/ICU. What are my options? I've looked into Acute Care DNP. Is that a good direction to go in a few years? I just resigned from my ICU job this week. W...
  11. yellow finch

    Some advice please...

    If at all possible, can some of you folks share with me your experience after being drug screened/positive for drugs while at work? Last week I was accused of stealing needles or syringes and was confronted the next day by my manager and HR rep. They...
  12. yellow finch

    Ever have problems with RN's?

    Sorry to hear how much flack you're getting. I haven't seen our mid-levels treated with disrespect, but then our hospital is flogged with mid-levels. To be perfectly honest, I was originally thinking of applying for jobs that would allow me privileg...
  13. yellow finch

    Best Schools for NP Programs?

    I work in a Neuro ICU. The current NP and the new NP they just hired both are First Assist in the OR. When I asked the first NP (she's ACNP if that matters any) how she got into it, she simply said she learned First Assist on the job. It was part of ...
  14. yellow finch

    Yeah for Me! I passed ANCC FNP today!

  15. yellow finch

    I passed my NP exam!!!!!!!

    Wow! Congratulations!!!